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Eleele, HI
Jeep Grand Cherokee
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Car problems
To be honest I'm not satisfied. I been googling the problems with my truck and people with the same problems have totally different solutions than the one that was presented to me. Nothing was fixed, $600 labor fees. After that they recommend I go somewhere else. Where's the integrity of wanting to fix the problem after paying that much? I feel like I was taken advantage of for a quick easy buck. They must think of $600 differently than I do. I'm not a car tech so I understand not being able to fix the problem is frustrating, I should've jus taken my car to the shop...oh wait I did. But hey nobody's prefect I'd still go back cuz I'd like to fix the problems and I hear great reviews from co workers
Steven S. from Hi-Tech Automotive Repair responded on 04/22/2017


I do apologize you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the service you were provided. If you recall, we verbally discussed the process required to pursue the issue at hand. That was to service the transmission fluid first. If that did not resolve the issue, I further explained too you that you may need to take the vehicle to the dealership for further diagnostics. We are not equipped to dive deep into transmission issues. When you made the appointment with us I believe we were at that understanding. I quoted to you that per the TSB bulletin, that was the first step in diagnosing the issue. Anything deeper related may require you have the dealership look into the issue. You decided and agreed for us to perform the transmission service in which we provided to you. I have made an attempt to return your call and left a message for you to discuss what further needs to be done to address the issue. I do appreciate your concerns and would like to further discuss the issue at hand. 

I look foward to hearing from you. 

Steve Swacker 
Hi-Tech Automotive Repair

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