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Review for IRA Collision
Jacqueline C. on 08/01/2011
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Jacqueline is not happy with the customer service here at all. When she finally got her vehicle it was five days late because she did not get the call from the business that it was ready. She had given the business her cell number and her email address. The business called her house number and left a message she did not get until 5 days later. So now she had a rental bill of $150.00 and she said the business would not help her with that amount. She is also mad that there was only one attempt to call her, she thinks the business should have tried the cell number and the email until they got a response from her. On top of all this, she almost got into an accident on the way home because the horn was not working. She had to take leave from work to get the vehicle after the horn and the alarm were hooked back up.
Category: Collision
Review Created: 08/01/2011