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Gary P.
Hatboro, PA
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Honesty and Integrity
I see another review of MY BUSINESS that is very negative. This review is not verified and I am disappointed that this review stayed on this page. My opinion of this review is that someone seems to have a personal problem with me, Gary Pinkos owner of Jacksonville Auto Repair, but choose to hide behind a false name and making false claims. Although I am not perfect I have since 1983 always tried to operate my business with honestly & integrity. Thank you for reading this.

Jake S.
Hatboro, PA
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Stay Away
I was a mechanic for several years. I still work on all my own vehicles (I have 4). I have several friends in Hatboro who used Jacksonville Auto over the years. Two close friends used them religiously and swore by them (or him, since it's Gary, the owner, doing all the work). I watched them get ripped several times. I now work for a local business where our mechanic was taking some of our fleet repairs to him when he was swamped. I didn't want to use them but didn't want to shake the boat either. Sure enough, he misdiagnosed that last three repairs we took to him and we had them fixed for significantly less elsewhere. To top it off, I bought a vehicle from one of those loyal customers who swore by Jacksonville Auto. I got a great deal on a vehicle from my friend with low mileage so I bought it for my kid's first car. So far, I've made several repairs and have only driven the truck 77 miles. Almost every repair was something that was previously fixed by Jacksonville Auto. Today, my son lost the power steering on the truck taking a tight turn and almost hit a car (he is driving on a permit). The volts light also came on and I saw no charge on dash. I immediately knew we lost a belt. I took over and raced the truck home before the battery died. Popped hood and found belt was thrown and idler pulley was sitting loose stuck between fan. Went to get new pulley and belt and after three parts guys at two auto places swore I had wrong pulley installed. I bought the listed one and it installed perfectly, runs true, and no noise. There was a whine when we bought truck and I figured it could use a belt soon enough. Had them run the part number on the broken pulley and learned it was a GM/Chevy pulley someone installed on a Ford Explorer. It also had three shims placed in it to get it to line up. Problem was, it was a grooved pulley running on the smooth side of the belt (essentially reversed). I called my friend I bought the truck from and he confirmed that a pulley bearing went and was squeeling and Jacksonville Auto replaced the pulley about 2 years ago (truck sat and wasn't driven last two or three years, hence the reason it's 20 years old with 63,000 miles). They obviously used something they had laying around the shop and jerry rigged the damn thing with shims. This same friend stopped going there after he paid over a 1000 dollars for brakes that seized up on him 3 hours from home and cost several hundred dollars in towing fees the day after Jacksonville Auto did his brakes. Seriously folks, this place is the worst I've seen in years. I was a mechanic, I've built three cars (muscle cars), worked at a garage for 8 years, and still work on my cars and my friends' cars. Do no take you car here. I've watched honest mechanics struggle to diagnose cars, it's not always easy. I've watched customers pay for parts and repairs that were essentially process of elimination by the mechanic. Of all the questionable stuff I've seen, and even been a part of, this place is the worst I've ever seen. Absolutely horrible. You've been warned.

William H W.
Hatboro, PA
Verified Customer
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Good fast service
An honest repair service which is hard to find these days.

Jean J.
Gwynedd Vly, PA
Verified Customer
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Good Service
As always the service is the best!

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