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Muret K. on 03/03/2017
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Muret said they were nice but the price was too high.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup
Category: Service
Service Date: 03/01/2017
Review Created: 03/03/2017
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Steve H. on 02/04/2016
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Steve said the business was clean and the staff is very professional but he was quoted $900 for a water pump. The service would have been too expensive and he had his vehicle towed to another business where they told him he did not even need a new water pump.
Vehicle: Mitsubishi Lancer
Category: Service
Service Date: 02/02/2016
Review Created: 02/04/2016
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FRED H. on 12/02/2015
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"We used to have a good thing..."
Over the past few years I've been taking my vehicle to Keller's because it was close to home and they had great coupons that I could use for oil changes and services, if I ever needed them. About a year ago I took my SUV in to have the alternator looked at. I had an engine light that would turn on and off intermittently. Instead of testing the alternator, as I initially stated to the employee, the mechanic simply saw that my negative battery cable was corroded and that was all that was replaced. I had to return a few days later with the same problem. Turns out it was a bad alternator. "We were just trying to save you money," is what I was told by the gentleman at the desk. How does making me come back into the shop with the same problem days later save me money? I'm out my vehicle for another whole day and have to try and work from home.

Fast forward to Sept. 2015 when I had my SUV towed there after it overheated on the highway. They determined that my engine cooling fan clutch was not working. That was a costly $1,200 fix (including a $100 or so diagnosis fee). A couple of weeks later I brought my SUV back to the shop because it was still overheating. The same gentleman from before never asked me anything else about the problem. I suppose that was my fault for not speaking up. Regardless, he calls later that day to inform me that they couldn't find a problem at all, and to bring it back in if it showed up again. I drove away, and the engine started overheating. Fortunately, I did not have to pay for this visit, but my problem was not fixed. I continued to drive around town with the engine occasionally getting really hot, sometimes having the warning light come on, until the end of Nov. 2015. On the way to work one morning, with my heater on full blast, my SUV overheated again. I decided to bring it back to Keller's one more time. This time I spoke to another gentlemen who was more responsive and actually asked me questions about the problem (although I made sure that I told him exactly what was going on). Fortunately, they were able to finally fix the problem: water pump housing was cracked or broken, but was corroded yet worked intermittently. I was told it was a difficult problem to detect and I don't doubt that. However, the fact that it took me three times to get this one problem fixed makes me unable to recommend this shop to friends and family. My wife and I have decided that we will try to find another shop in the neighborhood and hope we have better luck with any future vehicle repairs.

I know that sometimes car repair and diagnosis is a hit or miss thing, especially with late model vehicles, but I can't afford taking time away from work to continually bring my car into a shop for the same issue, multiple times. Two days after my last visit, my SUV is acting normal again and doesn't appear to have any more overheating issues. I am disappointed because I really liked this shop and thought the workers were friendly. They have great coupons that come in handy for regular and special repairs. Yet, don't be surprised if you have to visit multiple times just to have one problem fixed.
Vehicle: Ford Explorer
Service Date: 12/01/2015
Review Created: 12/02/2015 08:27 PM
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