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Review for Lancaster Firestone
JEFF G. on 12/02/2014
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"Disappointed usually happy"
Got 2 Firestone Affinity Touring fuel Fighters here for my Civic CNG in June 2014 for $260, and when I called in last week to get the other 2 was told they didn't have the Affinity Touring Fuel Fighters just the Affinity Touring, which was the same without the fuel fighter logo. When they presented me with the estimate, it was for $340! I should have declined right then-my fault, but like all these other reviews I too like the place and Gary and Dave. And I needed to travel the next day. While waiting for them to finish, I found the Fuel Fighters at the Honda Dealer for $215 installed out the door, as well as similar prices online. Couldn't find the Affinity Touring, seems like in the Firestone world and the outside world, the scarcity of the 2 models are reversed. I'm disappointed, because with 4 cars, 3 of them over 100k miles, it seems really ignorant to go for the in the moment high price, when you have lots of tires to sell the same customer over his lifetime, and that customer is now shopping prices away from your business first instead of at your business first.
Vehicle: Honda Civic
Service Date: 11/26/2014
Review Created: 12/02/2014 03:48 PM