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Ford Escort
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i made an appointment for a oil change with a gift certificate that my father in law gave me for xmas and for them to check a leak on my tire. it took an hour and a half plus they didnt have the tire in stock. they said they'd have it the next day. how is that going to help me. and what made me really angry was a woman walked in off the street after me and wanted a oil change and had them check a few warning lights and was out of there fifteen minutes before me,when i had an appointment. so why make one when you get put on the back burner. i will be letting my father in law know not to go there anymore. i hate going to grismer tire but after this crappy slow service i'll take my chances. what a disappointment.

Ford Fusion
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Oil change
The staff was disrespectful and hardly even acknowledged my concerns. After a 20 minute session of haggling with the owner, he first offered a discounted next oil change, then went down to a free oil change next time, and then only offered to maybe give me my money back IF I would erase my complaint with the BBB. This issue was never made "right" and I never got my money back. I will never do business at Maders again.

Greenville, OH
Mercedes-Benz ML320
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Not done right
I took my car to Mader because my check engine light was on. I also asked them to take a look at my drivers side window because it was not working. There was an issue with the charges when I went to pick up the car but they took care of that. They quoted me a price on fixing the window and said the charges I paid were for the time in removing the door panel. I picked the car up and 2 minutes later they called and said they had forgotten to put the door handle on properly and asked me to come back. I did and the handle worked. Within a week, I noticed that the panel had not been put back on properly because my door was sticking when I would try to open it. In turn, it had ripped the interior door seal from catching on it. I took the car back to Mader and they said they would replace the seal at no charge. I took the car back and when I picked my car up, the seal was put on, and it looked horrible. Wasnt even tucked in could see where they cut it, and the worst part is it does not even match the seal on the other side of the car making it very obvious. This is on a mercedes. On top of that, the door panel that caused the problem in the first place had not been touched and is still not attached right. I called Mader and spoke with Justin. He stated he didnt notice the seals didnt match and they had ordered mine from Mercedes (doubtful). Also he stated he knew nothing about the door panel. He said he would have Skip call me in the morning. It is now after 10 am and I still havent heard a word. I have contacted my local Mercedes Benz dealership and am going to have them fix my door and seal and I am going to send the bill to Mader. Obviously it is not going to get done right there and I dont have time to continue going back. I need this fixed and fixed correctly. We will see how Mader handles this and if they take care of this properly. At that time I will decide on if I would recommend them, but as of now I would not.

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