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Review for Massey Cadillac Plymouth Body Shop
Mihaela G. on 05/11/2011
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Spoke with Scott. Scott said he rated his overall experience a 3, because originally when he first brought his vehicle in for the repairs, they thought there were several wheels bent. He thought it was from the impact of hitting a pothole. He left his vehicle with Don Sylvester. Don went through everything, however he was rude from the beginning. He let it go, and attempted to ease the situation. He even made some jokes. At first, Don said they found some tires for $186, but he will state for insurance purposes, they will charge $386. He said that was fine, he needs to make a living. A representative called, and advised there would only be 1 wheel replacement along with an alignment, and the cost will be $365. They agreed with the cost estimate for the repair service. Several days went by, and he hadn?t heard anything. He called on Tuesday. He is also paying for out of pocket expenses for the rental vehicle, because the insurance lapsed for the rental vehicle. By Thursday, he was asking what was going on with the repair service. They advised they just got the part in, and then they were going to do the alignment service the next day. He used to work for a tire company when he was going to college. As a result, he understands a wheel replacement, and an alignment process. It should not take very long to complete both services. On Friday afternoon, the representative called and said the vehicle is completed. He had to make alternate arrangements around his child?s baseball game in order not to pay additional rental vehicle fees. Then when he arrived to pick up his vehicle, Don advised there was an additional $100 in fees. He never called to ask for approval for an increased payment. Otherwise, he could have gone to a tire location, and got a brand new rim for $265, plus the cost for an alignment. Don treated him wrong. He refused to pay the additional $100. As a result, he requested to speak with the general manager. He wasn't available. He was able to speak with Don's boss. However Don didn't realize he knew both his boss, and the general manager. John said they would have to honor the original quote, because they did not ask for approval for the additional $100 fee. Scott wasn't provided with a promised time when the repair service would be completed. However the repair service took 8 business days. It wasn't completed in a timely manner, and it is not acceptable. Scott had to continuously to get the updated information about his vehicle. He wasn't satisfied with the thoroughness of the person who prepared the estimate, because Don was falsifying prices. The price for the rims was $186, and he was going to charge the insurance company more money. He isn't any better than a criminal. He wasn't satisfied with the way he was treated by Don. However he was satisfied with the way he was treated by John, once he got involved. He wasn't satisfied with the shop's communication, because the representatives did not call once that the part arrived. They did not ask for approval for the price increase. Don attempted to charge him an additional fee without obtaining approval first. He would recommend the facility for repair services, based upon working with Don.
Service Date: 05/02/2011
Review Created: 05/11/2011
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