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Lin C.
Wister, OK
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I worked for Tim along time ago. Got my start as a mechanic working for him. I always admired his honesty with people. He taught me alot. I took what I learned from him and went on to other places doing business like him. I didn't make alot of money as a technician, but I never had any "come backs" either. Tim expected his technicians to do it right the first time, and word of mouth was our advertisement. Thank you Tim for all you taught me and the opportunity to work for you. My years there were some of the most enjoyable I've had.

Heather M.
Owasso, OK
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They fixed what 3 other's couldn't, check engine light
I bought my Lexus 5 years ago from the dealer. The check engine light was on but other then that it was perfect. They said it couldn't be fixed so I took their word for it.
My brakes went out and a friend recommended Mingo Auto so I took my car there for work to be done. They called me with a price which I thought was very good and they didn't try to sell me everything under my hood. Plus told me what I was going to need done in the next year. I really need my car and I appreciated that. John also said my check engine light was on because I needed two new sensors and that it was causing me to use a lot more gas. I explained what the dealer said and that I had it checked where I buy my tires and they couldn't find a problem. Also when my transmission failed the mechanic's there tried to fix it but couldn't but both charged me for just trying. So I told him if he could fix it I'd pay him but I wouldn't pay for another "TRY". He guaranteed he could fix it and he did and my gas mileage went up 6 miles to the gallon.
I will recommend Mingo Automotive to all my friends and have sent several and they liked them also. I also found out they have a shop where I live in Owasso so I'll be going back for all my car work. To think about all the money I spent on gas @ $4.00 a gallon really upsets me. I'll never trust the dealer again, any of them. I took my friend out to lunch for helping me find my great mechanic shop :)

Richland, TX
Verified Customer
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Service repairs for Dodge 2002 2500 Truck
The repairs to my vehicle were fair considering the items they replaced were basic service such as batteries , oil change, air filter. But they totally misdiagnosed my front end problems. They said that my wheel bearings were bad but the problem was actually the upper ball joints. Also they quoted me $564 for each wheel bearing assembly when NAPA lists the bearings for $346 ea. I personally replaced those bearings for $387 total for both instead of their $1028 just for parts not counting labor. Overall I do not consider their service worth the money especially considering the labor charges for the work accomplished. I will never darken their door again.
Tim L J. from Mingo Automotive LLC responded on 09/10/2011
Exact repairs done to this 02 2500 with 174000 on it was a complete diesel oil service with Gold filter, 39 point inspection, Front and Rear Monromatics Gas Charged shocks. Air filter, both batteries NAPA Legend 75 month full warranty. Customer approved all work and upon reviewing the time stamp on his ticket, I watched the audio video of him cutting up with the service manager for 12 minutes. He was happy with the price and all the information we were able to give him about his truck. What was needed replaced next and how many months and years it would take at his average mileage. He was very pleasant to deal with the Service Manager could not remember anything he had questions about and was taken back a little by his email. He also watched the DVR and noted the many times he thanked him for the service he had received. Also he noted there was never any mention of a front end problem to us by him either on our written forms or any notes taken while talking with him. We did notice His bearing were loose and would need replaced in 6 months or so. He asked us to price them and We did so. We are a AAA approved repair center, a NAPAAUTOCARE center with a A+ rating with the BBB. He was priced front hub and wheel bearings, premium Napa line and both pitman arms again premium products borsht at your local cheap as you can find parts store. We stand behind our work nationwide with a 12 month 12 thousand mile warranty which can be cover at any of over ten thousand NAPAAUTOCARE Centers in the US. We also priced an Alignment to keep him from wearing out him tires with those's part changed an alignment on his Dodge is a 2 hour job at a cost of $165. I feel for the customer. He has cost himself all the money he spent (doing it himself) because it will have to be redone again when he has his tires replaced. It just goes to show You get what you pay for. Triple Cert. ASE MASTER TECH. TJ

Tulsa, OK
Verified Customer
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Fair and Honest Maintenance
Mingo Automotive always takes care of both of our vehicles. They have always tried to keep the cost as low as possible. All work done is excellent.

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