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Cheyenne S.
Orange, MA
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Me, mom, Son, son’s girlfriend was coming home from being out broke down on side off highway. We leave 2 1/2 hours away Kevin(the owner) and his driver( don’t know his name) made sure we were all safe and stay together. They even got the bigger tow truck so we all could get home together. The took good care of my truck and us.. The tow truck guy was very nice.... THANK u SO MUCH!!!!

M H.
Exeter, NH
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Worker treated my car very poorly--breaking the bumper
The tow-worker treated my fairly new car (in excellent exterior condition) with no regard and slammed on the buckles/straps and broke the rear bumper. He also had extremely muddy/dirty/sooty gloves on and was roughly putting on my car leaving awful dirt hand smears. LUCKILY, the car was being towed to an auto body place I trust. Even more lucky that the owner of the auto body place saw how badly the straps were done and exactly how it damaged my car. When the auto body owner professionally pointed out what he did to damage the car, the tow guy became defensive and said he didn't do it and started to flee. The auto body owner tried to professionally get the tow guy to figure out what to do about it and he replied, "whatever" and fled. The auto body owner had to run a bit to get the number on the truck to call Morgan's towing. The owner, in the end, did pay for damages. I would have given more stars if the tow guy took responsibility for things, wasn't all defensive and didn't treat my car so poorly. I mean the tow guy worker pretty much fleeing the scene when he was called out on what he did? ...unbelievable and unacceptable. I'll never allow them to touch any of mine or my family's cars ever again and certainly won't recommend them to anyone.

Jill S.
Epping, NH
Verified Customer
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I have had 23 yrs of Honest, Dependable, Fair Service !
I moved to Epping in 1988 and 1st heard of Morgan's thru a letter to the editor I read in a local paper. This was back when Morgan's was located on route 125, from a customer who had high praise's for Morgan's and how they had gone above and beyond to assist this near stranded motorist.
It is very difficult for a woman alone to find a trustworthy dependable garage and mechanic and I can honestly say Morgan's continues to excel in buisness due largely to their Honest, Dependable and fair servie they provide. I highly recomend them to others because I feel extremely confident in the service they provide!
Jill Smith
Epping NH

Roxy B.
Newmarket, NH
Verified Customer
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