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Brett S.
Sioux Falls, SD
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Do not sell your car there. Ever !!!!!!!!!
This place just wants to make money off your ass
Shannon N. from Nordstrom's Automotive responded on 04/27/2016

Thank you for your feedback. Not every vehicle matches our parts needs and requests. If there is not a large demand for us to use parts from the vehicle and it is looked upon as more of a commodity, it comes with the responsibility to process the vehicle
in an environmentally correct manner. This analyses combined with the current poor scrap market can lead to some low numbers on non-demand parts cars at our facility. We hope you can find an opportunity that matches your expectations. We buy thousands of vehicles per year from many sources and some are needed worse than others, I am sorry, we are a for profit business that supports 75 families and that requires us to be responsible with each decision.  Please try us again. Thank you.

Faraidun A.
Mankato, MN
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Repairable Auto
I made an offer for a listed car for sale. Then I have contacted a guy his name starts with D. He said I will get in touch with you as soon as the car checked out by our mechanics. Later It was sold. No contact no respect for customers.
Shannon N. from Nordstrom's Automotive responded on 01/13/2016

Thank you for your response. I belive we had a misunderstand as the car was sent to our repair shop for further investigation. We took it off of our website which automatically marks it as sold on the website. The customer saw that and assumed we had sold it without responding, when actually we were doing exactly what we said we were going to do. We have since talked and straightened this misunderstanding out.  Shannon Nordstrom

jose z.
Worthington, MN
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2007 f150 bad parts
On january 2014 ill buy a tranny on $650 take it to the mecanic who going to install it for me he mount it and o no!!! Tranny wasnt working right just the first gear ill pay the mecanic $500 dollar for nothing so i lose my money and now what??? nordstrom supost to sell quality parts??? I dont recomend u to buy parts from this company!!!
Shannon N. from Nordstrom's Automotive responded on 02/24/2015

Jose, Thank you for your feedback. We aim to have every transaction lead to a satisfied customer and we are sorry this did not go well for you, as you are still thinking about it and responding a year later in February of the following year. The Transmission was tested and removed from a vehicle that was in a traffic accident, driven to that accident, and had damage to the body of the vehicle. We sold the Motor and other components with no problems. We also are not happy when the part does not work immediately after it is installed. If all factory recommended processes are followed with an experienced installer, the programming is confirmed, and all of the cooling systems are flushed and or replaced when necessary, a failure is very unusual. We also sell re-manufactured units, and we see a similar failure rate to our used units, and we also wonder why and don't like it any more than you when there is a failure immediately after installation of the replacement part. Since you had not purchased our extended warranty, we had labor that was not accounted for, and that is always unfortunate when you are paying someone else. We would like an opportunity to understand your frustration and work with the technician to come to a solution when these problems come up, and we never had that opportunity it appears, The sale and return both happened within  6 days, so it would be hard to imagine that would have allowed much time for diagnosis and learning what could be done to minimize the problem when it occurred. We ask that you give us another opportunity, remind us about the situation that occurred, and let us have a chance to take care of you the way that we do on a daily basis. We sell 1000's of Motors and Transmission per year and our failure rate is VERY low, but when it does happen, we want to be involved. Thank you once again for being a customer and Thank you once again for the feedback to get better, but please, let us know so we can do our best to minimize the problem.   Owner/GM Shannon Nordstrom

Andrew J.
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Low ballers, take advantage of people in need
Offered me $80 w/ pickup for my car that still ran and has a good transmission, had little rust, and a nice interior.
Brian S. from Nordstrom's Automotive responded on 01/02/2015

We try to offer a fair price for the vehicles based on the information given and our need here in the yard, for that specific vehicle. Your vehicle was a 1990 VW Corado with unknown miles and not safe to drive with a broken motor mount (so we would need to tow it here at our expense) based on the information you provided during the call. Based on the rarity of the vehicle, condition and location,  that was our offer. We did reccommend that you try to sell it privately to get a better price if you felt the value was higher than our offer.

Shannon N. from Nordstrom's Automotive responded on 01/02/2015

Thank you for thinking of us. Your car is quite unique and does not match our daily demands very well, so it gets looked at as more of a commodity. If the uniqueness of the car gives it great value in a niche market, you should chase that and we are probably not your buyer and our offer showed that. Buying cars from the public is just part of what we do and the offers can range from "bring it to us and we will properly dispose of it" to "This is a car that has high demand parts through out and we will be offering thousands of dollars for it and will pick it up". I am sorry our ideas did not align and we could not give you the solution for selling your Corado. I hope you find that person or group that needs your parts as they are unique and valuable in the right hands. Thank you again for thinking of us.
Shannon Nordstrom