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Charles C.
Camillus, NY
Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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05/04/2017 Category: Service
Charles said he was not satisfied with his overall experience because they did not fix the problem. They charged him a lot of money and the service light is still on. He was not happy and will never recommend them.
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Syracuse, NY
Buick Century
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Lackluster Service
When I come to a mechanic with a problem, I expect them to communicate with me to find a solution, and to then fix the problem. However, at Perry's Automotive Sales & Service they charged be over $100 simply to look at my car, only to declare that they were unable to identify a problem, but that I should come back the next week to have them check my car again. Being the gullible person that I am, I agreed. After noticing the problem again, I called them back, asking how much it would cost to fix it. They were unable to give me an estimate, but said they would call me back. They never did. I called back three times (each on different days, and well within their business hours), and each time I was told they would call me back that day. They never did. They only called back after I canceled my appointment, because I had spoken with another mechanic who said they could fix the entire problem for under $100. I have never given a business a negative review until now. I am displeased with the service I received, and disappointed that they were not honest and open with me. Best of luck for those who choose to take their vehicles here.

boudreau c.
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Had a cylinder misfiring and a license plate light out. They fixed the light which I guess was a long project and expensive, according to them. I was told that the misfire did not show on the diagnostics but a fuel flush "might save me money". Well, all in all after the car being there for days and me having to call them to find out what was going on. The total was $500, they did not fix the problem. I went to another mechanic and he found the problem instantly. It was a spark plug. He replaced all six and the coil for 145 parts and labor. Car runs great! I am scared to think what my total bill would have been if I had Perrys had tried finish the work. Pitiful.