Poulsbo RV Everett

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Review for Poulsbo RV Everett
Timothy S. on 07/19/2011
Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5rating 4
Timothy said there were a few reasons he rated 4 overall. He had trouble with the television tracking and it turned out there was a glitch with the people that provided the service, but that had nothing to do with this business. The technician basically asked questions Timothy had asked himself, and kind of pushed it along, so they were helpful, and he wasn't dissatisfied, but nothing technical was done. There was a little misunderstanding between employees as to who was going to do some work, which caused a small delay, and they recommended a roof repair he didn't think was necessary. His service advisor told him a 15 point inspection was done but didn't say what it was, and then came out with a roof repair recommendation for some cracks. He thought it was a little too much for the cracks they'd repair, and when he saw a sign adverting a special on roof repair, he thought they were pushing roof repairs. Timothy always has work done right away when it's needed no matter where he's located. Last year he had a sailboat repair done in Mexico. There was also a 5 minute delay with the slide after they'd run a cycle, but they told him that was normal because it got hot. He spoke with them about a new Tiffin but they couldn't agree on trade-in value. He was happy with most of his experience, everybody was good, they got it out that day, and he would return.
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Review Created: 07/19/2011