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Scott J.
Fremont, CA
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06/24/2016 Category: Service
Don't bring any of your car here for service or even talk anyone here
On May 12th I checked in my 2013 Gtr r35 into this dealership under full warranty. Frankie Gonzalez checked me in with some weird preliminary estimate on my car which I thought was weird since the warranty still existed.

I had the following checked:
Left paddle shifter showing resistance
Ac knob loose
Clunking noise in the rear end

These guys are very INEXPERIENCED with the gtr like they never seen a lowered vehicle before with undercarriage scrapes and impact from bumps/uneven road.

1) The so called Gtr specialist Scott (older white guy) told me my paddle shifter have been refinished before and now showing milky color with scratches all over, hence cannot be warrantied. Well.. Guess what, this is how the paddles' finish look like when new exclusively for 2013&2014 Gtr.
2) Ac knob is functional as tested and works flawless
3) The clunking noise was unknown but only happens in reverse when steering wheel is turned. I wanted to replicate the noise right away and Frankie insisted to have the Gtr checked by the Gtr mechanic only.

The main concern was the clunking noise. These guys never tried isolate the noise but to bad mouth how much scrapes & damage is underneath the vehicle like this is their first Gtr they see in the service department. Long story short, due to the loose shield panels from all the fragile Nissan plastic fasteners that break during removal to do the maintenance. Premier Nissan does not want to investigate further because (1) paddle shifter may have been tampered and (2) loss of fasteners and bolts missing and stated in their own terms that my car has been in an accident and isn't willing to touch the vehicle (1 owner clean Carfax). I was frustrated because they never pointed out the issue and still charged me $161 for the warranty work which they are NOT legally to do.
Loose panels does not void any type of warranty just so you know.

On May 14th afternoon, I was charged $161 and didn't even get a courtesy vacuum & car wash. This is not how you treat any owners that come into your dealership. I left with my beloved Gtr immediately fearing they will intentionally damage the vehicle from their inexperienced tech.

I took it to another Nissan the following day. I was greeted with politeness and within a few hours of diagnostic, I was told the parts were faulty and indeed in warranty coverage. I pay $0 for all the issues I listed above.

I will be posting my experience on all the forums and call Nissan of North America on how much fraud Is going on in this place.

Service manager is Brian which called me with false accusation, and gets worked up of being butt hurt that other dealer is getting paid to work on my car.
Whether you have warranty or not, these guys will make any excuses to not work on your car and take your money regardless.