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Jacob W.
Sumas, WA
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100% recommend
Service pro is a great reliable shop. I have been going here for 15 years and they have always been fair. The staff is great always friendly, great mechanics. They will only give quotes and do what needs to be done unlike other shops that add stuff. There prices are reasonable. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THE TEAM THAT WORKS THERE

Marjie N.
Maple Falls, WA
Verified Customer
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I like your shop and floor mechanics.
I was dissappointed when we were estimated $70 for diagonstics on my truck and were finially charged $90.

We received your estimates for repairs on the truck. We are asking friends in the Everson Kendal area to assess the estimates. So far the comments from 5 people say they are way too high, and in particular no consideration was even given to a package deal, as there was a number of repairs which could be completed together while the truck was in the shop and up on the hoist.

The internet estimate for the ball joints was $800 to $1500. Amature time 8h for one side and 4h other. (The difference is that the amature will have learned how to do it after doing the first side). Parts were quoted at around $300 for the ball joints.

Derick Monteith/Marjie Nistad

I did not expects a cheap job, but the estimate for work on my truck was way above the average (book estimates are only a guide for startup shops and to give customers some sense of fairness).

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