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Review for The Village of Newport

Nonie P.
Kent, WA
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People who post that these apartments are great are either stuck in the one corner of an apartment building where people are never loud or druggies, or they don’t have ears and eyes that work.

When we first moved in two years ago, Richard moved us into an apartment he claimed only had two story buildings, not three. That was a lie as there was someone above us and having disabilities, it made it harder to live and I told him ahead of time and asked multiple times if there was anyone over us and he said “no”. After we moved all the way from another state driving 17 hours straight to get there only to find out too late that our apartment wasn’t going to be ready for another week. We had to spend 1600$ extra just to stay somewhere else which that was all we had saved just enough to get us by for a month until we started working again and getting the ball going with our payments. Not exactly professional and HORRIBLE lack of communication.

During the whole two years that we did live here, we had to move from one apartment to another because the lady above us was assaulting us, which Richard himself did absolutely nothing about. Let’s skip to the part where there were WANTED FELONS living under us for months before the police finally surrounded the apartments and forced them out. There was drugs and domestic violence happening. It always happens if you happen to live in the front area closer to the office or if you live in the back left side when you enter, next to the mail box and parking lots. All those apartments there are filled with horrible people who are felons, druggies, sexual predators, etc.

Richard himself just moved in anyone just to get paid, he doesn’t actually care about the tenants. You will definitely think at first “hey this is super nice, AND CHEAP.” And then after living there for a month, you realize why it’s so cheap. It’s only for people who are not accepted anywhere else because of their background in being a sexual predator or some kind of murder charges/assault crimes.

And those who are commenting saying it’s “nice and a good place to live at” again are either at the tiny corner in the back where it’s decent (one building in the way back) or YOUR THE FELON/DRUGGY/ANNOYANCE and that’s why you don’t see the problem.

If you come here, do it at your own risk because there are also bedbugs which they refuse to fix and we had to pay out of pocket ourselves to fix. I have scars all over my legs and many life threatening allergic reactions because of this.

Either way the bed bugs are now in every building even if you haven’t found one yet. Goodluck.

I also plan to possibly take this to court since now because of these apartments we will be homeless by Friday and they won’t do anything about helping us out when it’s their faults for miscommunication.

If they end up responding to this comment, it’s only to shrug it off. They don’t care about tenants here and never will, and they definitely don’t try to help us out after THEY made us homeless. What they should do is pay us back the 1600 we had to pay, and pay us for having to stay in hotels which we are now broke from, and they should be putting us in another apartment since it was there responsibility to keep us safe at the complex which didn’t happen at all. I SHOULD BE GETTING PAID FOR THE EMOTIONAL DISTRESS I AM HAVING, and I’m sick because of this, my body is completely failing. I actually CAN take this to court because of the distress and damage this place has done to my body.

Thank you, and have a good day.