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Champaign, IL
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Buyer Beware. Expensive and Painful Nightmare. Tires Plus Twilight Zone
Buyer Beware. Expensive and Painful Nightmare. Tires Plus Twilight Zone
I am a 62 year old retired teacher who needed a simple rear brake job on a great van.
When I drove my Toyota Sienna van (well maintained and in excellent condition) into Tires Plus in Champaign for a simple rear brake job 2 months ago, I never imagined the expensive nightmare that awaited me and my wife.
Our van always ran PERFECTLY AND SMOOTHLY all the time, but right after we drove out of Tires Plus with their rear brake job, we noticed that the steering wheel shook so violently at speeds over 45 MPH that it was nearly impossible to safely drive the van on the highway, and the "new" rear brakes were squeaking.
I took the van back to Tires Plus several times, and even argued with the manager who got mad and told me to leave. I stayed and even begged him to get it back to normal. I even offered to write a great review (to counter all of their bad reviews) for them if they would please fix it. The manager said that he drove our van and that NOTHING WAS WRONG with it. Welcome to the Tires Plus Twilight Zone.
After 2 MONTHS of taking the van into different mechanics we discovered the following:
1. The "new" brake drums that Tires Plus put on the rear were warped and dangerous.
2. The rear brake cylinders were LEAKING and Tires Plus never even told us. We could have been killed by this piece of negligence.
3. We were told that the front struts needed to be replaced, but other mechanics confirmed that no front struts were needed. They also tried to sell us new tires, but we had nearly brand new Yokohama tires that were in excellent condition.
4. We discovered that the cause of the shaking was a "bent front right hub" that I guarantee you was not bent when we took it in to Tires Plus.
It took weeks for other mechanics to discover this, and big bucks to replace it. As soon as it was replace, the van stopped shaking.
5. Important point. When I contacted the main office of Tires Plus, they told me they couldn't help me at all with all of these expenses and bad service. Their excuse? This is a privately owned franchise.
In other words folks, if you take your car, truck or van to Tires Plus and get hosed that we did, Tires Plus doesn't stand behind you.
You alone will pay the price to allow these guys to work on your vehicle.
I cannot speak to the other million bad reviews these guys have on Yelp and other sites.
I can only say that this was the worst mechanic experience and nightmare I have ever had with a mechanic shop, and we will NEVER even come close to ever doing business with these rude, incompetent crooks again.

Mahomet, IL
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Always great service
I have been going to Tires Plus for years and they are the nicest and most honest mechanical repair I have ever experienced.

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