Village at Overlake Station

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Review for Village at Overlake Station

Susie Q.
Redmond, WA
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? Antz the Movie filmed here
What a dump. The construction going on next door is a decade long and going strong. Deafening. The pounding construction can be heard seven days a week and I’m the furthest building away.

Ants just galore. In the kitchen, in the carpet, in the bathroom. You think it’s okay until you see one doing the backstroke in your glass of water. They spray and spray but no go away. Gross!!!

Management is hideous in paperwork. Incompetence is rampant. I have learned to get copies of everything I sign. Everything. They will tell you something that is false. They want you to retroactively sign things. I don’t do it. The day you give it to me is the date I put on it. Period.

Kids scream and ride their big wheels and razor scooter and bikes through the courtyard. It echoes thru the whole complex. Just when you think you get a break from the constructions. The raptors flock in the walkway. It’s for people, not wheels of any kind. They have rules like no wheels, but never enforce anything.

It’s teally a joke, but cheap.