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Michael T.
Jamaica, NY
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Category: Sales
Quick service
Excellent service, and Russell Brown was very informative about the vehicle of my choice!
ZACHARY L. from Star Hyundai responded on 12/31/2021

Hi Micghael we apologize the experience was dissapointing. We completely understand the shortage of vehicles is causing a frustrating experience. Unfortunately the lack of supply and high demand has raised pricing beyond the Manufacturers suggested retail price. We wish things were "normal" where we would be selling 5x the amount of vehicles so that there would be no lack of incentives.

Verified Customer
Glen Oaks, NY
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Category: Sales
Worst leasing experience
Appointment was made to pick up my car. I had to call my own insurance agent and hotline to set everything up when I got there bc these were not done when clearly it was supposed to be. My insurance agent already called me
HOURS prior to send these over to them. Sales did NOT know how to open files. I have pretty high patience but after 2 hours, I was livid. Had to wait over 2 hours. Waited FORVER for finance manager. I said from the BEGINNING my down payment will include my first month but lo & behold, they said it was not when it was time to sign AFTER WAITING TWO HOURS after dealing with insurance company to get insurances send my over & open files on MY OWN. No apologies. By then, I was so fed up I said whatever, just swipe my card so I can leave. Everyone walking by and just kept ignoring me even though I was visibly beyond frustrated. Sales was not familiar with car features. DIDNT even have carpeted floor mats, arent these STANDARD? Exterior has sticky dirty residue all over the place (I’m assuming from stickers). Seats were discombobulated.This is my 3rd lease from different companies & first time at Hyundai & the WORST experience I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even enjoy my car my first night driving. I just wanted to get home. I will not be leasing from Hyundai, or at least from this location again. 3 years cannot come fast enough.
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