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Theron S.
Washington, NC
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Held My Car Hostage And Strung Me Along Wasting Money On Rentals
***Caution Likely To Hold Your Vehicle Hostage Due To “Lack Of Help”*** Left a review at their old location previously. Still unresolved. Pre-Pandemic this company made every excuse in the book about why they couldnt repair my vehicle after wasting our time in a 4 hour drive to pickup the vehicle and holding our vehicle for 6 months+ to replace an engine which never got completed. I ended up having to get the vehicle removed from the shop without work being done as well as going over options for the $2500 in parts I bought which never got installed and the months of rental car service I had to come up with while waiting. Ryan and Amanda we did not forget about what happened here. You never made this right and you caught an attitude at us twice for trying to figure out what was going on. We have children with special needs and we lost our way of transportation for them because of this. If there was any issue about how much you were owed to complete the work that should have been handled prior to you getting us to drive to the shop for nothing. As it stands right now u held my car for months leading me on while forcing me to get a rental for that entire time. Changing business locations isn’t going to make this go away. You need to make this right.

**Update** They decided to post that this is “absolutely not true” underneath this in comments as if I don’t have receipts and texts and emails to back this up. Their only other review is from the owner Amanda at this new location. They still don’t answer our phone calls or emails. My contact information has never changed and both Ryan and Amanda ghosted us and never answered an attorney general complaint.

No we didn’t forget about this and yes this will be resolved one way or another.

DeMarris J.
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verified customer Verified Customer
Has never let me down.
Alway dependable and stands by his word.
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