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San Jose, CA
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Major car repair
Car overheated, they found head warped and replaced. Problems with car continued and they found it was block causing warp, so replaced engine. Wish they would have discovered block issue first since I was without car for 3 weeks, but overall still satisfied and will drive over 30 miles to go to them again due to respectfulness and courteousness received. Car running great so far btw.

Henry M.
San Jose, CA
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450 for nothing
I took my 96 mercury sable in because it was over heating, turns out it was going to be 1650 dollar job to fix or a 450 band-aid, I dont have 1650 and the cars not even worth that much, so I went for the 450 job ( I really didnt even have that) but they broke it in to two payments, I needed my car for work and to pick up my kids, so long story short 450 to flush and put some sealer in it ( I THINK THATS ALOT FOR A FLUSH AND POUR) and its still over heating and tomorrow will be my 3 trip back cause its still getting hot to the point were now my speedometer will drop and my car almost loses all power. My car is running the same if not worse. Craig or Greg was very helpfull, but not the nice and helpful worth 450 dollars 3 trips back, I really hope I can take it in tomorrow for the last time and not spend any more money I dont have. Its starting to feel like I should of just burned the 450 dollars and I would still be in the same spot im in now.