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Review for Bob's Service Center
Eileen F. on 06/10/2014
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"Car inspection at Bob's Service Center"
when I took my car to my mechanic (twice) he did not agree with Roger, but Roger was really arrogant and would not talk to him. Consequently, I spent $800.00 on repairs, some of which were unnecesary according to my mechanic. He even tried to make me take the bush arms in to show Bob that they were perfectly fine. I will never have anything done to my car at Bob's again. I just had a staff meeting with a person that just moved to the area. He said he tried to get his car inspected and went through the same thing.
Vehicle: Pontiac Vibe
Service Date: 05/22/2014
Review Created: 06/10/2014 07:51 AM
Bob P. at Bob's Service Center responded on 06/13/2014

Eileen, I‘m sorry your car inspection
experience with us wasn’t as smooth as you hoped for. Yes, you had to bring your car to YOUR mechanic (twice) but that was because he didn’t see that we clearly listed on your invoice that the left control arm bushing was bad but he replaced the right side, (which WAS fine). This would explain some of the $800
worth of repairs that were “unnecessary”. I wish you HAD brought the left control arm back to me so I could show you where it was bad.
                Being an official Vermont inspection station, we are bound by the inspection laws of the Vermont DMV and are liable for fines and drivers’ license revocation should we affix an inspection sticker to a car that does not pass all the safety
inspection requirements set by the state.
                I’m also sorry that a member of your staff had “the same experience” but not knowing who it is, I can only guess that there was an issue with their car that caused it not to pass inspection but they didn’t understand the reason or logic why.

Sincerely, Bob Perkins