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Florence, AZ
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Traveling from Lancaster, CA and my truck started overheating. I called AAA and was referred to Bud's Automotive. It was 3:30pm on a Thursday afternoon and I was traveling East on I-10 to Florence, Az.

I was given directions and made it to the shop. I explained the symptoms and almost immediately was told that it sounded like a blown head gasket or cracked heads.

They performed a "block test". They stepped back inside the office where I waited and exclaimed they were correct. I was given an estimate for repairs totaling $2180.88. I was told if the heads weren't cracked, it wouldn't be quite so much. I was told they could have the heads back, reinstalled and I could be on my way by Saturday morning at the latest. Feeling I had no choice, I told them to begin repairs.

I rented a car ($58.76) and found a cheap motel (54.99) for the night.

The next morning, approximately 11am on Friday, I went back to the shop to check on the progress. My truck was in a bay, but appeared that nothing had been done.

I asked one of the mechanics why they hadn't started yet and how were they gonna get me out by the next day (Saturday) if they hadn't started work on it yet. He replied saying "Tomorrow?" That truck won't be ready until Wednesday or Thursday of next week". I said "no, I was told Saturday morning". He said, pointing to the guy that wrote up the estimate, “He looked up the wrong engine. The engine he looked up only takes 10 hours or so labor, your engine takes 30 hours" (triple the labor costs??? I'm wondering). "It won't be ready till next week."

At this point, I could smell rip-off, so I told them to just make sure the liquids were topped off, pull it out of the bay and I would pay them what I owed them so far. I ended up paying $45.50 for the "block test".

With the liquids topped off, I got back on the interstate and drove the entire trip to my home (360 miles) at an average speed of 80 - 85 mph without the temperature gage moving at all. Odd huh? I thought so too. I arrived home late Friday evening.

On Saturday morning, I took my truck to the Ford dealership in Casa Grande, AZ. I explained the situation to the service manager. He had them perform a block test also and told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with my heads or head gaskets. Further investigation revealed”coolant seepage from thermostat housing around temp sensor". They replaced the temp sensor and thermostat housing (for a total of $703.93) in less than 3 hours from start to completion.

I do not feel like this was a misdiagnosis. I feel like Bud's was attempting to take advantage of me, knowing I was 400 miles away from home and stranded. I think if I had given them the opportunity, they would have done so. I also feel like they were going to try to dig a little deeper and try to get more by saying they misquoted the estimate. Still haven't figured out what IDK is. It's listed under parts of the estimate and totals $500.00... (I Don't Know?)

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