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Justin B.
Scottsdale, AZ
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Horribly Flaky and unprofessional
This guy is a joke. You know when you're worried about finding a new mechanic due to being shady and ripping you off.... Well this guy takes the cake. My truck was leaking oil and and after taking it to a few other mechanics I went to Hecter Suarez because he was a little cheaper. Bad move on my part. What was supposed to be a 2- 3 day job took 4 WEEKS and still never got fixed! So around the 3rd day I pick my truck up and he left town and went to Vegas. He never even worked on my truck and said it was good to go. It was still dumping oil. Called him and he said he would pick it up Sunday when he gets back. Didn't start working on it till Monday. So he keeps stalling and saying its gonna take longer and to come pick it up on a certain day and it will be ready. I go there before the shop is closed and he is not there. All locked up no where to be found. Called him 15 times and he blocked my number and wont pick up. I go to the body shop next door and they say im not the first person to come looking for him and hes never there and hes getting evicted and even owes them money. Blocked my number and called him 20 more times he finally picks up and I had to threaten to call the cops for him to come back to the shop. He admits he never did anything the first time and full of excuses as to why he hasnt even worked on it the 2nd time and he hasnt been there. So my truck has been sitting for about 1 1/2 weeks to 2 weeks now. Promises me he will get it done hes not getting evicted blah blah blah. So being the nice guy I am I give him another chance to get it done and yet again 3 days after the day he said it would be done I finally get it back and Its still leaking oil. This guy called me threatened me was swearing at me. This guy is a complete idiot and has no clue what he is doing or how to run a business. Very Very unprofessional and I would URGE you to save your money pay a little more and go somewhere else. He might be moving to Tempe or Phoenix So keep your distance. Worst experience I ever had!!!!!

Carla M.
San Tan Valley, AZ
Chevrolet Cobalt
Verified Customer
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Oil change news brakes on front of car
Nice to work with, Hector is great customer service. He also gave me very workable prices on my fixes. Thank you

John R.
Scottsdale, AZ
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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Best diesel mechanic in town...
If you want your diesel running at its peak performance, contact Hector. His work is quick, thorough, and very fairly priced. He is the best in town...

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