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Frank G.
Woodstock, GA
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Sadly I brought my TR6 and had 6300.00 plus work done. I told Scott that I wanted it done right and assured me that I was in the right place. Eight months later the repairs are improper leaking oil worse than it did it before a $1700 stainless steel exhaust system that they welded instead of using the brackets now it needs to be cut out to fix the oil leak that wasn’t done correctly in the first place. A tuneup that had the wrong plugs the electrical components wrong relay improper wiring etc. Oil pan gasket valves cover gaskets are all Seeping oil due to the fact that the washers are not copper solid washers but split washers seeping oil due to the fact that the washers are not solid. And the list goes on. Scott told me to bring the car back so he can make it right and I told him you failed the first time why would I bring it back you in 14 weeks is the wait time. So I highly not recommend Scott cause he didn’t man up and make this right. I will let and my Club colleagues and their friends that is not a place to bring your classic vehicle . I gave him a chance to make it right and refund half and you refuse to do it I will not bring my car back for someone who failed miserably the first time