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Richard G.
Surprise, AZ
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Bobby is terrible. Incomplete work
My wife had a car accident in early December. This accident also involved my uncles suv. Both cars were to get fixed here. Everything seemed to be going well. We did the walk around with Jordan. Very nice guy. Helped us pin point all the body issues on both vehicles. The body work on both cars came out great. that wasn't the issue. It took 3 weeks for my uncle's suv to get fixed and it was fixed properly. When ever he drove over 50 it would shake really bad. He brought it back and spoke to Bobby who from what I hear is the director. After being told that there is something wrong with his tires. They finally got to the real issue of the wheels being bent. I guess from what I'm told they drive the cars on their machine which only goes up to 45 mph I believe to do the alignment. So I guess they expected my uncle to stop at 45 mph. My wife has the same issue only hers starts at 70. I call and speak to Bobby. Same thing he tells my uncle. It must be the tires. I tell him no they are in good shape. He asks me what year is the car. I tell him 2013. So he says it's not new . I said no it's not but the tires are. He says ok just bring your car in with your paperwork. Why not just say that in the first place instead of trying to say it's my fault. My takes the car in on Wednesday. She gets there. Waits a long while before he comes out. There is no I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Nothing like that. Tells he right away that they need to take it to Nissan across the street to do another alignment. After an hour and a half they find the problem with the alignment of the tires. I'm glad it got fixed. I just wish that if they can't do the mechanical part of fixing a collision. then send it to the pros to get fixed. They can do the body work. Which came out great on both cars, but this is an inconvenience. Fix it right the first time. You had 2 weeks on mine and 3 weeks on my uncles. Don't say the car has warranty for life on the work done but you didn't even do the work right. Don't get an attitude about it. Either hire people that can do the work or hire someone else that can defuse the problem and knows customer service. Bobby is Terrible

Garry P.
Verified Customer
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03/18/2012 Category: Collision
They were very unorganized and didn't have rental car set up. Waited 45 minutes for them to call rental with the claim number.
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Jerry P. from Collision Center of Peoria responded on 03/22/2012
Mr. Paulter, thanks for letting us know your concerns. I was happy to see your vehicle finished yesterday. Please let me know if I can be of service again.