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Cold Brook, NY
GMC Jimmy
Verified Customer
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Mechanics are competent but not friendly or approachable.
I hate to leave bad reviews especially for a place that I have been going to for quite some time. When I first went here the people were friendly and the work was done professionally. The work has remained fine. The issue I have is with one employee who is usually at the front desk. I find him to be unfriendly and for me, attitude is a big part of a business. Everyone can be having a bad day but this issue has become consistent, each time I go. If all you care about is the quality of the work, then you will be fine going here, but if attitude or friendliness matter to you, you may want to reconsider. I am at the point where I may, regretfully, be looking for a new repair shop.
Michael H. from Creekview Automotive LLC responded on 09/28/2017

I am surprised at all of this.  Ive never had anyone say anything like this.  Is there any specifics you can share with me?  I would love to correct any issues with our customer service and value your opinion.  We appreciate your business and strive to make sure everyone has as positive experience here. We are a small shop and everyone tries to help out when its busy around here.  That being said there is no excuse for issues like these.  I look forward to correcting this issue please dont hesitate to call me.

Poland, NY
Dodge Dakota
Verified Customer
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Leo Surprenant
Your very convient since I live in Poland now, and not found reason not to like your service, except no free coffee for customer<G>
Michael H. from Creekview Automotive LLC responded on 02/27/2016

We do have free coffee available in the waiting room.  Underneath the TV on the wall in the waiting room there is a counter with a Kuerig machine with all sorts of coffee, cups, sugar and everything else including multiple options of coffee, hot chocolate, and even tea I believe.  I will check it out and make sure its working properly today.

John R.
Port Leyden, NY
Chevrolet Impala
Verified Customer
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05/05/2015 Category: Service
John said it took a while to get the work done.
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Barneveld, NY
GMC Sierra
Verified Customer
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expensive repair to have a resulting problem
We were disappointed that the $800 brake job resulted in a frozen caliper after we left the shop. You did make good on the labor but charged us for the replacement caliper.
Wonder if the job was not done right or original was not evaluated well to have resulted in the caliper to burn up after job was completed.
Michael H. from Creekview Automotive LLC responded on 08/25/2014

The primary failure point for calipers is between the piston and the o-ring which requires disassembly of the caliper to even check.  Preliminary observation of the caliper did not indicate any issue with the dust boot and some rust on the piston which is par for the course up here.  Test drive after new pads & rotors were installed did not indicate any overheating, pulling or any other signs of a caliper locked on.

Caliper life is influenced by a variety of different conditions that cant always be accounted for such as the effect of the varied road surfaces acting on that specific corner of the vehicle, frequency of preventative maintenance such as slide service, suspension setup & corner weight on that specific vehicle wheel during the vehicles operation, etc.  Some vehicles never need calipers, others only need one front one or others, like your rear brakes), have both the calipers locked on.  Id much rather your caliper issue have been one of the new rear calipers because then I couldve resolved the issue without any cost whatsoever due to the parts & labor warranty offered by my supplier.

I hope this helps you understand the issue with the caliper that we had on your last service.  I hope my discounts & offering the caliper replacement at the cost of just the part has made it easier to deal with the unexpected circumstance we found ourself in.  Please let me know if you have any additional issues or questions.

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