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Jeff E.
Nissan Frontier
Verified Customer
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Way, WAY too long
I'm sure the repairs are fine, I've used your services off and on for years. I'm VERY unhappy that it took a whole freekin MONTH to complete the repairs. The rental car cost me as much as your repairs (which were a bit more than you quoted too)

Not happy. Not at all.. at this point I'm not sure I'd recomend your company. I have an f350 that needs CV's and maybe hubs. Maybe I'll give you another chance.
Bernard B., President from Del Hatt Automotive responded on 11/27/2017


Thanks for your review, we are always interested in our customer’s feedback, even when it’s critical of our performance, it’s the only way to improve.  I’m sorry that your truck took as long as it did to finalize the repair.  Your comments are not wrong, but I would like to put some context to them.  It took us longer than we would have liked to get the diagnosis of the problem ironed out (delay#1).  Then it took us time to coordinate with you as you were sourcing your own parts (delay#2).  The problem then became scheduling.  We couldn’t put you on the schedule again until all the parts were here and were all correct.  At that time our schedule was full for more than a week in advance (delay#3).  (Due to the labor-intensive nature of the rear end rebuild, we weren’t able to just work around other jobs already on the schedule).  As far as the bill being more than the estimate, once we had things apart there were a couple of items that were required to properly complete the repair that weren’t anticipated (delay#4).  I’m not looking to make excuses, but neither of us benefit by having a vehicle here any longer than absolutely necessary.  I believe that this repair became one of those rare instances where multiple small delays caused the job to drag out far longer than normal.  I assure you that this is not typical of our performance.  I hope that you will remain our customer for those future repairs you mentioned, and give us the opportunity to redeem ourselves.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Friel and Bernie Bleakley

Karissa S.
Honda Accord
Verified Customer
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Good on Their Word.
After I brought my car in for a repair I expressed some frustration regarding a sensor that was broken during the job, and a few days later the owner called me to follow up. After speaking with the owner, I brought the car in, and the broken sensor was repaired. I was glad that they were able to make good on their promise to me, and would be willing to bring my car back in the future.

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Honesty goes a long way.
I brought my car in because a friend referred me, and I had a good experience with these guys in the past. My car was idling really rough and stalling out, and threw a check engine code the week before. I explained to a tech in great detail what was going on when I dropped my car off, and apparently they didn't listen. They changed the intake manifold when the car was throwing an internal air control code, and broke a knock sensor in the process. They did this job without calling me to discuss diagnostics, because I honestly would have told them that the intake manifold was NOT the problem. My car has $200,000 miles on it, so of course the intake manifold may be faulty, but that was not the cause of the problem. They then lied to me about breaking the knock sensor while doing the job, and said that it was "barely hanging on by a thread." I was told to come back in a week to have the knock sensor replaced, which I feel is way too long to be driving my car like this. So, I paid $400 to have a problem fixed, which still isn't fixed, and my car now has more problems than before, because my check engine light is on. If they fix the knock sensor as planned free of cost, this review will be better, but I am honestly so disappointed. I plan to bring it somewhere else to have the actual problem fixed, because my car is running so poorly. What a waste of my time and money. Not to mention that it is stressful driving around a car that runs like this. I think they figured I was a girl, so I have no clue what I am talking about, and they could pull one over on me. I feel like I am easy prey when bringing my car to a mechanic, especially because it is older and has a lot of miles on it. I talked to a friend who is a mechanic, and he is enraged for me. I wish I would have known. I'll give them a chance to do right by me and see what happens. If they can make good on their word, this review will be better. Sigh.
Bernard B., President from Del Hatt Automotive responded on 04/29/2016

Karissa,  Thank you for your post.  You are correct, honesty does go a long way and we would like to have the opportunity to prove that to you. I’m sorry that you feel that you were taken advantage of. We take great pains to ensure that all of our customers feel they were treated fairly and honestly. Repeat business is very important to us and that doesn’t happen without being honest. Rather than address each point separately in this response, I will give you a call today to discuss how we can remedy this and, hopefully, when we are done, you will have that same good feeling that you had prior to this most recent service. Give us a chance, and I promise you won't be dissapointed.

Bernard B., President from Del Hatt Automotive responded on 05/06/2016

Karissa, Thanks for updating the review.  We appreciate your business and I am glad that we were able to remedy your issue. Come back soon!

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