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Roman G.
Aston, PA
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Never coming here again
My car broke down at a store across the street from Ernies. Towed it to their shop, they tell me they’ve inspected it and it’s definitely the starter. Quoted me $565 to change it. That’s a bit much for me. I decide to do the work myself so they charged me $65 for the diagnosis.

Fair enough, at least I know what to change. Got the car towed home.

Bought a starter online for $60 and change it in my driveway in an hour.

The car still won’t crank.

Upon further inspection found that it’s actually the ground strap wire thats completely corroded and ripped in half. Changed it and the car started right up.

A good mechanic should at least check to see that there is low voltage going to the starter and check the ground wires before writing up a $565 invoice. The wire was in plane sight.

Clearly, they didn’t spend more than 5 minutes diagnosing my car yet they charged me $65 and would’ve charged $565 to change a $60 part that is completely fine, to begin with and I would be back to square 1.

Complete waste of time and money. Never taking any of my cars here again.

Aston, PA
Verified Customer
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bob irwin
Very Good

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