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STEVEN B. on 05/08/2014
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I was referred to First Choice by a lady at Autozone. I went in for a simple check engine light. It was supposed to be a simple fix. What they ended up doing was replacing six spark plugs and cleaned the fuel injection system. I got charged over $300 for this. The very next day the check engine light came on. I have also noticed that the gas mileage has gone down. Not sure how they managed to screw that up. I called back and was told they would look at it again for free but I'm sure they will find something else wrong with it and want to charge me more money. I''m better off doing it myself or bringing it somewhere else.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup
Service Date: 05/06/2014
Review Created: 05/08/2014 06:40 AM
Jerry M. at First Choice Automotive responded on 05/20/2014

As a first time customer we hate to hear that you think you "Got Screwed". There is a reason you were referred to us, and that is because we are good at what we do. Your truck came in with a check engine light on. We put the computer on it and you had a code PO302 which is misfire code. You see, the automotive computers only give you a code and lead you in a general direction. It is up to the technician to actually find the problem. It is not always a simple fix as you have been mislead to believe. We swapped coils to see if the misfire followed a coil and it did not. Therefore that left the spark plugs. The plugs were fouled and definatly needed to be replaced. When you called the next day and spoke with Mike we offered to look at your truck for no additional cost to you. For you to decide that we would automatically find something else wrong and charge you more money is your own misconception. The problem could have been a defect in a spark plug, you just dont know until you look. We stand behind our work 100% and value our customers tremendously.