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Connor B. on 01/18/2017
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"Mechanic Nightmare Situation"
Took my 3 series BMW there because it was having trouble starting in the cold and it was idling rough.

Took the mechanic 5 days to come up with a diagnostic (after calling everyday to make sure they were working on the car, because they are very slow) and it totaled out to $2.1k. I initially balked at the price, but he told me that he was also going to do some extra things for preventive maintenance. I let him, because I figured my 60k maintenance was around the corner, so I might as well get some of the stuff done while it is in the shop.

It takes them another 4 days to fix the car (9 days in the shop). I called them every day to make sure they were working on it, and on the 9th day when I call, they tell me my car is ready. THEY DID NOT CALL ME TO LET ME KNOW MY CAR WAS READY (literally makes no sense). He also informs me I need to replace a sensor because my car is still idling rough (something it was not doing before).

So I replace the sensor myself (mass airflow sensor, another $250). My car is still rough idling, and now I notice that my car is now leaking oil (quart a week), something it was NOT doing before.

So I call up so he can fix the oil leak, and explain to him that it wasn't leaking at all before.

I take it in again and he looks at the car and can't pinpoint leak and tells me I need to have the engine steam cleaned so he can figure out where it is (would be another $140 at a carwash). I keep telling him this wasn't an issue before, and I would appreciate a break (I gave him over 2k and my car is having more issues then it did before) and kind of expect for him to fix it, considering something they did caused the leak.

He gives me some excuse that (paraphrasing) "when you fix one part it can change the pressure of the oil and cause it to leak other places". and I am a mechanical engineer and I know how pressure works. The only way what he said would be true is it if was leaking a lot before the fix, and after the fix it would be leaking less somewhere else (pressure wants to find the easiest way to equilibrium) NOT going from never leaking to leaking a quart a week.

Then he says some more bullshit, "sometimes you feel great and you go to the doctor, and then after the visit you feel like shit" and starts blaming BMW for how they engineered the car, saying these random oil leaks happen all the time. Yeah, it just randomly started happening after you "fixed" my car.

There are plenty of other German import shops in the area, I have not been to any others, but I can pretty much guarantee
Service Date: 12/21/2016
Review Created: 01/18/2017 10:26 AM
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