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Chris M.
El Paso, TX
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Total scam, rude owner
Awful. My boyfriend and I were referred here when we needed a small welded bracket for my alternator. We're from out of town and so this simple piece of metal was pretty important for our getting back on the road. Glenn was rude from the start. Told us it "shouldn't take more than 30 minutes" to do the work, but made it seem like he wouldn't be getting to the job until later that afternoon. We decided to take some time to enjoy the town since it sounded like it'd be a little while.

When we returned it had taken him 2 hours - probably an hour and a half dawdling through the junk pile for a piece of scrap metal, 20 minutes to shape it and 10 to install (we were being charged by the hour). Didn't have the decency to call us when his job took 4 times the estimate, and became agitated and abrasive when we pointed this out to him.

The part he welded was misshapen. We had to readjust it later on down the road just to get it to sit right - will have to dig through a scrap pile ourselves to re-do the job. My boyfriend's father is a long-time mechanic and was appalled at how badly we were ripped off. We knew it at the time but felt stuck. Glenn really took advantage of a bad situation and gave us an extraordinarily overpriced bunk part.

George O.
Santa Fe, NM
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great service, nicely priced
My long term mechanic, Jimmy Garner (over 20 years of working on my vehicles) recommended that I go here for a muffler replacement.

Cleanest garage I have seen in many years. Very easy and amicable interaction. Very easy to work with. great service. I am very pleased with the results and thankful to Jimmy for sending me there.
Yest I would , indeed recommend seeking auto repair at this establishment.

thank you very much.

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