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Jose A.
Tacoma, WA
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Buyer/Military Beware
We had been working with a sales rep for over a month during the shutdown on a vehicle. When they opened we went to purchase the vehicle and found shipping damage on it so we did not sign anything. Once the damage was repaired we scheduled an appointment to go close on the vehicle. The price increased one day prior to our appointment and even though we were led to believe that the previous price would be honored, once it was time to sign the staff did not honor the price I was quoted for both verbally and via email. The sales manager told us that we had plenty of time to sign for the vehicle and we should have signed for it while it had damage. I hope the owner of this facility rectifies this because I was really disappointed not to have been able to purchase this mother’s day gift.

BTW, that vehicle with repaired damage is still there. Hopefully they disclose this to the next potential buyer.

Mason B.
Renton, WA
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Never been treated so rudely
I came in two weeks ago on a Tuesday as I have been looking for a new car. I was getting close to closing time so it would be expected if everyone was a little hurried and I do physical labor, so I was probably looking pretty ragged. But you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover because I was ready to put a large sum down cash that day. However when I walked in the door greeted by an eye roll and an extremely rude attitude from the first person I see, I think her name was Stephanie, blonde girl, I decided to take my business elsewhere. I will instruct everyone I know to do the same. Watch how you treat your customers or who you let work near the front door.

Nuru H.
Seattle, WA
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Awful service advisor les Colman
Les Colman he’s absolutely awful person to help me and show me disrespect. He’s totally bad guy to get advise from him. Never recommend this service advisor. Bad bad bad!!

Bremerton, WA
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Professional customer service
My time and deal at Good Chevrolet was well managed because I was helped by the online / computer manager . I was able to select what I wanted and the paper work was all ready when I showed up to purchase the vehicle.
I appreciate that all the homework was done prier to buying a new vehicle.
I was treated in a professional matter at all times. All credit goes out to JOHNNY LEE.
Thank you sir for working with me..
I feel that Johnny is ready for his next step in his management position.

K C.
Eagle, ID
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"Good" (AWFUL) Chevrolet
I recently purchased a vehicle from “Good” (Awful) Chevrolet over the past month. I spent over 2 months looking for the perfect vehicle in my area and I had the hardest time finding anything I liked. So, I ended up having to widen my search perimeter where I finally found my used vehicle in Renton(I am in Idaho). I spent two days speaking with a Salesman by the name of Kass. Kass was more than helpful at first, he spent the time (or so I thought) to carefully look over the vehicle before I purchased over $300 in plane tickets to get to Seattle. Kass sent me two pictures of two minor dents which I wasn’t too concerned with. He was very good at replying and communicating during the sale portion of the deal. I decided to book my flights and head out there to purchase the vehicle as It all seemed perfect to me. Two days later I showed up to find a completely different vehicle then what I was told about and this is where the story really begins. Now, Kass did disclose those two scratches or small dents. However, upon my arrival to the dealership I found out that the items he disclosed were about 10% of the actual scratches and dents on the vehicle. You can imagine how I might have felt about this after being told one thing and then travelling over 400 miles, purchasing two plane tickets and arriving finding something completely different. On top of the scratches and smaller dents, some trim was cracked and discolored from mistreatment or no treatment, the driver’s and passenger side windows are scratched as if someone took a rock and slid it down the side. In addition, there are extremely large dents in the cab near the bed (Bigger than a hand, how do you miss that, or did you not want to mention it so you could make a sale?) and the driver’s seat was concaved. Also, the engine compartment, exterior and interior was smothered and covered in dirt, mud and rust. I am not sure how one gets the interior of a car to rust without there being water damage. Some areas of the truck were painted black to hide some of the issues (you can see the overspray). Oh, and let’s not forget to mention I was told the tires were in good shape, but when I inspected them they were shredded, cracked and missing rubber from the previous owner’s off-roading experiences I assume. Now, I am a reasonable guy and I could get over some of these things. After all I was already there in Seattle, spent $300 on a plane ride; I needed something to make the 9-hour drive back home even though the vehicle I wanted wasn’t quite in the condition I was told it was. After spending nearly three hours at the dealership waiting for them to fix the paperwork (Because they lied to the banks to get me approved (which I wasn’t told) I finally hit the road. It was raining while in Seattle and the traffic was terrible, so I had only gone for a short test drive in this vehicle. This was a mistake and I should have opted for a longer test drive. After heading home and driving the vehicle at higher speeds, I found that rotors will need replacing or re-surfacing because there is a "shuttering" when applying the brakes. GREAT! Let us add that to the list of things wrong with this vehicle sold from Awful Chevrolet. In addition, I found a half dollar sized crack under the driver’s side windshield wiper; which I found after stopping to clean the windshield. I imagine this was hidden by the rain in Seattle which is why I didn't see it on my initial inspection. Keep in mind that the inspection sheet mentioned that every window was “OK” on this vehicle and had no damages. After arriving at my home, I inspected the vehicle further. I found that the remote start system only works half of the time (maybe it’s the key fob?). I was issued two keys from the dealership one of which I was told was for another car, but they were giving me an extra key to get programed (thoughtful Idea I guess). I quickly found out that this remote will not sync to my vehicle because it was already synced to another Chrysler vehicle. I also found two separate leaks, one near the front axle and the other at the rear axle. The air filter was checked "ok" on the inspection sheet; which it was not. The air filter was caked in mud and needed replacing immediately. Now after all these issues being found by me - a novice, a nonprofessional ie… not a mechanic. I wonder how this vehicle passed Awful Chevrolets vehicle inspection? Every single item on this sheet was checked “OK” or “NO LEAKS” which was an absolute lie. After taking the vehicle to a local RAM dealership I found out that the front and rear axles had been leaking fluid for quite some time. I paid $970 out of the pocket to make sure that this was fixed immediately. God only knows what damage that was done to my vehicle after driving it for 9 hours and there potentially being no differential or gear fluid in the axles. I spent another $30 on an air filter and replaced that as well. Now I am living with a vehicle that I constantly wonder “What’s next?” What is going to break next?” What else did this dealership hide, lie about or fail to inspect?” It makes me sick to think that there are cowards who still take advantage of people at major dealerships like this. To think that “Good” Chevrolet would allow a vehicle like this to leave their dealership in such terrible condition. To allow me, a human being to drive this vehicle down the road and with this dealership knowing that this vehicle was unsafe. What if a rock had hit the windshield? It could’ve shattered from the crack! What if the tires had exploded from the damage on them? What if the axles had locked up and self-destructed from having no gear oil left; I could have been thrown into a wall after 65mph in the rain! I am lucky I made it home safely. I attempted to contact my salesman Kass and I told him my concerns as well as the issues I had found on the vehicle. I heard nothing back from this salesman after one week and attempted to contact him a second time, but I never received a reply. The only helpful person at this dealership is a gentleman named Dave (Finance Manager). He was friendly, called me back when he said he was going to and was helpful in expediting the extended warranty I purchased. I would suggest to anyone and everyone that they avoid this dealership like the plague. After searching for a vehicle for months I can tell you that there are dealerships out there 100 times better, friendlier and more adept.

Lisa T.
Bellevue, WA
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Worst buying experience in my entire life
Huge waste of time, customers deserve to be treated better. Low morale and customer service orientation. They pit costumers against each other even if you made an appointment and took time to drive there to purchase the car. I'm taking my money elsewhere!

We set an appointment to buy the car at 6:30pm, after seeing it and test driving it the day before. We called them same day we're coming down from Bellevue to buy the car the next day. When we get there, literally 30 mins prior to our appointment they let the another family test drive it and make an offer. Shady and disgusting sales tactic.

They sat us down and had us do an application and then say, because they came in to test drive it and made an offer today--they get the first right. We told them that makes no sense and that's unprofessional when we made the appointment to buy the car and drove down for it (made the apt to buy same day as seeing it). But because we didn't make an offer yesterday we lose the first right of refusal despite making the appointment and driving all the way. That says a lot about their ethics and business model.

They had us fill out the app and wait because the other buyers "credit check" could come back badly. Really unprofessional and slimey to pit one buyer against another. We walked out.

We brought up the fact they had yelp reviews before we left that complained about the same thing, they are aware and just don't seem to care --this dealership isn't changing.i

terry c.
Auburn, WA
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do not back up what they sell
I purchased a 2015 chev truck. picture on line showed a flat tire, I asked saleman if it was fixed he assured me it had gone thru service and truck was inspected and safe. I drove truck home on saturday. monday morn head to work tire was almost flat. I called sales man he said call back .on way to work i put air in tire, drove on freeway at 60 mph truck shook worse than anything i have ever driven. I called salesman i told him i would take to les scwhab to have checked out. front tires cupped badly and out of alighnment. so i had new tires and alighned. $1825. I called sales manager he said oh well i should have brought it back he could have put some used tires they might have laying around,and basically its my problem, it seems like all they care about is how many vehicles they sell and not about customer satisfaction, i have purchased many new and used vehicles over the years and have never been thrown to the curb so bad. I am in construction bus. and i assure you i will let everyone i know how badly i was treated. after said and done it was a 40k deal. truck was not safe to drive at freeway speeds. before tires were replaced.

Brandon B.
Yakima, WA
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Never Again
Absolutely miserable buying experience from start to finish. Good Chevrolet has nothing but a bunch of turds working there from top to bottom. Their salesmen and managers could care less about customers and earning business. They are completely deceptive when it comes to issues with their vehicles and have no intention of rectifying any issues before purchase. Also forget about fair and tactful negotiations ..won’t happen. And like most dealers, prepare to be bent over on the value of your trade. It’s just ridiculous. Never been disrespected and treated so poorly. What a nightmare. Good Chevrolet? More like Sh*t Chevrolet.

Norris C.
Tacoma, WA
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Good Chevrolet
Great customer service I was serviced by Johnny Liam, I knew what I wanted already in my budget and it was no problem for him to help me find the one that had everything I wanted. It was the easiest vehicle purchase I’ve ever experienced.

Brandon H.
Snoqualmie, WA
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True-to-form dealership
On one hand I can't believe the lack of empathy of the workers at Good Chevrolet, on the other I can; typical sociopathic salespeople. All I kept hearing was "we're the largest volume dealer" so you'd think they'd be a big more understanding if a buyer wanted to cancel their purchase 20 hours after buying it.
Nope. Nada. I found myself buying a "downgraded" version of the car I really wanted and 20 hours later got a phone call that another dealer had found it at the same price I bought my entry-level rig for!
I went to Good hoping for some understanding and sympathy but nope. Cold shoulder, "deal's a deal", "too bad man, you bought a car." Is all I heard.

Apparently the Largest Volume Dealer needs each and every sale; customer peace-of-mind be damned.

Alan O.
Seattle, WA
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Unforseen car purchase
My wife had been hit in her employers parking lot. The vehicle was towed and totalled. Suddenly we needed a new vehicle. We had looked at various dealers and felt they were OK, but didn't have what we were looking for. We went to Good Chevrolet and right away we were treated well. Fabian was professional at all times. Knowledgeable, informed and willing to work with us on all levels. His management team were terrific.

J. B.
Seattle, WA
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Would not recommend....
Contacted the dealership about a vehicle interested in purchasing they said they would have it serviced and upfront ready for review the next day arrive the next day at noon asked one of the salesman walking around in the parking lot if there was a place that a customer could park he said just look and go find a place. Wow how friendly is that when inside to meet with the sales person they said vehicle was having the oil changed and waited for 15 minutes trying to change the Royal even though that was supposed to be done prior. The sales person would not negotiate even one penny I asked about reduction at least in the doc fees he said absolutely not they are not negotiable and the guy was just flat out rude if you're interested in purchasing a vehicle I strongly recommend you look elsewhere I have purchased over 60 vehicles For a business and have never been treated this way I will never return to this dealership

Erin H.
Enumclaw, WA
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Great Service at Good Chevrolet
Fast, efficient, easy. fun experience at Good Chevrolet. PAMELA in sales was great to work with. We Will Be Back Again.

John T.
Renton, WA
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08/23/2016 Category: Service
Troubleshooting an issue
I went down to Good Chevrolet service department the other day because my truck was having an issue shifting from Park to Drive. Good Chevrolet looked into the issue my issue and got me on my way by getting me a small part that I could replace myself.
If you go to Good Chevrolet you may not always be able to get your issue fixed by replacing a small part. But you will be treated courteously, fairly, and by all around good folks.

I greatly appreciated the people and Good Chevrolet

Amy F.
Chehalis, WA
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07/31/2016 Category: Sales
Stay Away
Found a car I liked online and spent 4 days back and forth with Richard, working out the details and getting financing through my bank. I asked if I could pick it up on the weekend, since I live a few hours away, and he said he wouldn't be able to hold it that long, but would be able to drive it down to me Thursday or Friday. I picked Thursday and made plans after work to get the loan finalized and a cashier's check.

My Mom called me at work that day (Thursday) to say she had gotten a call from the manager, Jeff. He was very rude to her and told her that the car had been sold Wednesday night. When Mom tried to find out what was going on and to get a hold of Richard, Jeff said that he was called on behalf of Richard, then hung up on her!

I finally got Richard to respond to an email where I FINALLY got an apology and he asked me if he could help me track down another car (HELL NO!). I told him all I wanted was an explanation and an apology from Jeff to my Mom for the way he spoke to her. That was 3 days ago. Have heard nothing.

Yeah, I get mistakes happen. But I probably wouldn't be writing this review if someone had at least acted like they felt bad about the situation. I haven't had a new car in 13 years, and this was my first experience trying to get a new one. I really feel like giving up after this.

Give me the best deal in the world and I still won't come back to this place!