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Review for Gustafson Brothers Service Center
Dianne H. on 02/19/2016
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
Dianne said this is her second time going to this business. George helped her both times. She could not complain about anything except that her vehicle was so messed up and the service was a little expensive but it turned out well. The only problem she had was on her first trip. She spoke with an employee on the phone and was told to pull into the lot and someone would greet her and take her information. She pulled in and waited at least 20 or 30 minutes until somebody pulled in behind her, got out of their vehicle, and an employee came out to help them. It was a misunderstanding and she does not know what happened but it was the only part of her experience that was not superior. She thought the quality of the service work was great. She has recommended them and her son actually had his vehicle with them for three days and just picked it up. She posted her experience on Yelp, mentioning the employee named George. He was very helpful and came a cross as an honest person who was not trying to push her to receive extra work. She noted he treated her well even when customers in her circumstances have to come in for unexpected repairs done and do not know what happened to their vehicles. She will be back again, and she hopes next time is just for planned maintenance.
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Review Created: 02/19/2016
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