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Review for Gustafson Brothers Service Center
Joan F. on 05/31/2011
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Joan said she'd never before been dissatisfied but she didn't know if she'd return and she's going to think about it. It was stuttering in idle and they said she needed to replace the idler for $500, but all this smoke was coming out of the exhaust as they brought her vehicle out. Their response was that it was just a little cold, give it a few minutes, and it was fine to drive. The smoke didn't go away so the vehicle stayed there, and they gave her a ride home. Then they said sealant was leaking and they'd have to take out half her engine, quoted $1,200, and a week later the bill was $1,600 at pick up. They said it would be ready Thursday or Friday. When she asked if the vehicle had needed the idler they said it had, but she thought it was kind of a coincidence to have both these things at the same time. She also thought it was very sloppy they told her to go home when it was smoking. The only thing she understood about the bill was the mileage, and it showed the same going in and going out. It was 24 miles going out, but they didn't even bother with it, and Jose told her it had been driven. Before she'd always felt she'd trusted them, and she felt taken care of, but she wasn't warned about the bill increase. Because of her experience she wasn't completely satisfied overall and rated her overall experience 2. The vehicle was ready when promised, but they'd said Thursday or Friday and she had to call Friday at 2:00 pm. Joan also thought within that week they should have called with a status update. Joan rated communication 2 out of 5 and she also thought they should have warned her about the $400 increase. Jose told her it was a little more, and $400 is more than a little to her. She also didn't know if she believed the idler and sealant issues both went at the same time. Joan wasn't completely satisfied with the work on the idler because when it came out it was smoking, and they kind of blew it off. She wouldn't recommend them anymore.
Category: Service
Service Date: 05/13/2011
Review Created: 05/31/2011
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John G. at Gustafson Brothers Service Center responded on 08/02/2012
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