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Review for Gustafson Brothers Service Center
Larry D. on 04/05/2012
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Larry said he took the vehicle in to this business because a light came on in the dash and shifted funny. After a 100 dollar diagnostic test he paid 600 dollars for repairs to the vehicle. Less than 36 hours later the vehicle was acting up again so Larry had to take the vehicle back to this business to have it serviced again. This business repaired the vehicle again so the light went off and they replaced a few sensors. This vehicle hasn't acted up since but Larry doesn't want to drive long distances in this vehicle because he is worried the vehicle will act up again and that he will have to replace the vehicle piece by piece. Due to this incident Larry is not sure if he is satisfied with the quality of service work performed on his vehicle, he said he was on the borderline. This business could serve Larry better by providing him with a diagnostic test print out. If this business is charging Larry for a service he wants to be able to see the results that came back from the diagnostic test and make sure there are no other glitches than the ones that are mentioned to him. Larry said this print out would be something he can keep so at the next diagnostic test he can see if the same problem is occurring and also so he can have something to compare with.
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Review Created: 04/05/2012
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