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Latest Review 5 days ago
SCOTT D. on 11/06/2016
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I had my Van towed to you a week ago and I was very happy with how quickly I was serviced. I could have done without the political lecture. Even though the discourse was civil, I felt it was inappropriate and found myself question how fair my service would be considering my differing opinion. But the main problem is- my car was misdiagnosed, and the original problem persisted even after I replaced the "faulty" air flow meter. I understand diagnosis is not easy, and to be fair the engine ran well off the lot, but it doesn't feel good to spend $350 at your location, then another $200 on a new part based on the diagnosis, and the car is still immobile with the same original symptoms. Kind, prompt, incomplete.
Vehicle: Volkswagen Bus
Service Date: 10/31/2016
Review Created: 11/06/2016 07:38 PM
MARK B. on 03/03/2016
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"Lack of focus when performing work"
They didnt secure master cylinder reservoir cover when bleeding brakes. This splashed brake fluid throughout engine compartment and depleted reservoir. Alignment performed now causes front end to grind when turning. They need to focus on the details of the work performed and not with trying to persuade you to perform additional upcharges on your vehicle. This lack of detail could have been very dangerous. I will not return nor will I recommend this shop.
Vehicle: Jeep CJ5
Service Date: 03/02/2016
Review Created: 03/03/2016 05:53 AM
Freddy B., Service Manager at Local Heroes Auto Repair responded on 03/07/2016

Hi Mark,
We received your review you did on our recent performance.  We have tried calling you and I would like to speak with you when you have some time.  First off though, please let me apologize for your experience.  The issues you mentioned I take very seriously and are not the type of results I want any of our customers to experience.  

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can address these issues.  I will schedule you in at any time that is convenient for you.
Thank you for your honest feedback.

Fred Blue
Local Hereos Auto Repair
Brenda O. on 09/08/2015
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"So disappinted"
I was so disappointed and you're in my visit that I just can't even tell you how disappointed I was they promised me a tire from in the morning till 5 PM and then at 5 PM they said they could not get it for me I can't believe this I was so upset I had to drive on I don't it all the way to Sacramento and I was in but databank that's how I feel about the service I got from you
Vehicle: Honda Pilot
Service Date: 09/08/2015
Review Created: 09/08/2015 08:23 PM
Freddy B., Service Manager at Local Heroes Auto Repair responded on 09/09/2015

Hi Brenda,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to us about your recent experience.  When you visited us last Friday right before noon while on your vacation, we did identify you had a bad rear tire on your 2012 Honda Pilot, as you had already replaced it with the doughnut spare.  As your tires were all still in Excellent shape, expect for the one, you asked us if we could match the Michelin Primacy’s with the exact same tire.  We checked 3 of our Tire wholesale partners, 2 of which are the largest 2 in the nation and only 1 of them showed that exact tire in stock locally; however it was in Hayward, Ca.  When we ordered it after giving you the price and got your approval, we had approximately 5 minutes before their noon delivery deadline to order it.   Unfortunately the order for your tire somehow never made it to us later that afternoon as part of our deliveries.  We did contact and research with our partner supplier yesterday and found out their delivery truck left without the tire and may have left a few minutes before noon they said.  We are not going to point blame at them, as it was a major Holiday weekend and we take full responsibility for not double checking the tire made their afternoon run.   We sincerely apologize for your recent experience with us.   We appreciate your faith in us and not giving up on us.  Our customer’s opinion of us is very important, as is their satisfaction.  We look forward to ensuring that your next experience with us, if you are ever down this way again, exceeds your expectations. 


Fred Blue
Local Hereos Auto Repair
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