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DAVID L. on 04/17/2017
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"Good service but quite pricey..."
I took the CR-V in for a sticky lock and a leaky cowper. Both problems were fixed but the bill was ~$500. I thought that was quite pricey. I like Marty and feel that he runs a reliable place, but I was shocked by the bill. When I mentioned it to Marty via text, he had no reply. I am on the fence whether I would recommend them to a friend. If I do I will warn them about their pricing.
Vehicle: Honda CR-V
Service Date: 03/22/2017
Review Created: 04/17/2017 09:51 PM
Marty K., CEO at Marty's Motors responded on 04/18/2017

Hi David,

I would like to apologize for not responding earlier. The system had broken down and I did not get your earlier text. I'm also sorry you feel your bill was excessive. I know that with older cars [and yours is about 20 years old] it's difficult to spend significant sums on mon-vital repairs. Our goal is to be fair in our pricing, and fixing your lock was cheaper than replacing it would have been, and the leak took some time to isolate and a number of parts to repair. Fortunately we got the leak before it did significant damage to your window supporting frame which would have been much more expensive. I know it was expensive but we felt we saved you even more money in the long run

Marty Kaliski

Marty's Motors
(510) 235-6000
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