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Margaret H.
Sturgis, MI
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Honest, quality work
As an "older" single woman having a place to take my car for needed repairs and regular maintenance is a critical must. It is a comfort to know that I can depend on Meyers. They tell me up front what to expect and deliver the service as promised. I am treated with respect and kindness, and that is worth gold. Ladies, this is the place for all your auto needs. I'll be heading in for the oil change soon!

Jena D.
Shipshewana, IN
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Price gouging
I hesitated on leaving a review, but after the experience I had here, I have to. I had work done here a couple years ago and again last year and everything was great. There were no issues whatsoever. And so, logically, I thought I'd have the same experience this time around. I was mistaken. I called and made an appointment to have my vehicle looked at because the A.C. quit working over the summer and the door handle stopped opening from the outside just recently. The car is still under warranty and I had had no issues with Meyer's working with the warranty place when my blower motor went out last year so I expected the usual $100 deductible for the work plus maybe a little extra for fluids. What I got instead was an absolute rip off. First, the receptionist called me wanting "more time to trace the electrical issue for the A.C." I told her no, I would not ok additional time until I knew if the warranty would even cover the A.C. compressor. She called me back to tell me the warranty would cover the compressor but not the handle and then quoted me the prices. I heard those prices and told her not to do anything more, close it up, I was coming to get it. I was THEN informed that my bill for them looking at it was $230+ because of the "extra hour to trace the electrical" despite the fact I had never authorized that. I was FURIOUS. The owner eventually worked with me and I walked out having paid $170 for them just looking at the vehicle and giving me a quote.

Now, I WAS just going to let it go at that because I figured it was just a case of HORRIBLE customer service on the part of the receptionist. But, I took the car to another mechanic and was horrified by how much Meyer's was price gouging me. First of all, I was told here that I needed a new lock assembly AND handle assembly for my door and that it would be $900 out of pocket. My mechanic has confirmed I only need the lock assembly, NOT the handle (it wasn't broken at all) and that the total on that is well under $300. He showed me their pricing on that part and everything. There is NO way it justifies the ridiculous markup Meyer's wanted. In addition to that, my quote for the A.C. compressor through Meyer's was $700 to the warranty company, my $100 deductible, PLUS an additional $700 out of pocket. Through my current mechanic? Under $700 and covered entirely by the warranty minus my $100 deductible. I totalled the charges I would have incurred at Meyer and it was over $1,900. At my current mechanic I'm looking at under $500. That's almost FOUR TIMES AS MUCH!!! And before Meyer's comments with some bullshit about how they have warranty that justifies their price gouging, I have a THREE YEAR WARRANTY with my mechanic as well and am paying 1/4 of what these people wanted to charge me.

I will NEVER do business here again and I encourage others to really consider finding a different mechanic who won't price gouge, lie, and manipulate.

Sturgis, MI
Verified Customer
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Excellent Service
Meyers Automotive employees are always friendly and helpful. Not long ago, my car would not start late one afternoon. Barry took the time to come by and get it started for me. He then told me they would install a new battery for me yet that day. When I arrived I realized they were very busy, but I did not have to wait long for the work to be completed. Also, during a recent routine oil change, they alerted me that two of my tires were quite worn on the inside. I appreciate their attentiveness to my vehicle as I commute long distances each week. My Honda has over 280,000 miles and I trust Meyers with all my automotive needs!

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