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Chris G. on 12/20/2016
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"Terrible "
Told me my transmission was blown and was not the case.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Pickup
Service Date: 12/03/2016
Review Created: 12/20/2016 09:14 PM
Tyler M. on 08/24/2016
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I've been informed by many people here in casa grande that this shop is known for having to take your vehicle back over & over again from them not fixing the problem the first time. I decided to give them a chance anyways and take my car there for my own experience. I can definitely say I am VERY UNHAPPY with my recent services. I informed them that my car was not starting and I had a battery message popping up on my dash. They told me I have a few problems but what's causing the problems I'm experiencing from my car not starting is my alternator. That was their exact words so I trusted them and spent a half a grand last minute ($512 to be exact) which was the very last dollar I had to my name and I told them straightforwardly that is all the money I have and asked "will this fix this problem and make sure my car starts and keeps running again because that is all that have have" they told me YES that getting an alternator will fix it. Well they didn't fix ANYTHING, so I spent five hundred and twelve dollars just to be stranded out there for an hour getting cereal with money lent to me because I gave them all my money. So here I am now struggling with no money AND NO car? It took my friend and I over AN HOUR to get home from constantly charging my car just to die seconds down the road until i finally reached home at midnight. My car is STILL doing the EXACT SAME THING as to when i brought it in to NOW where it wont even stay on. So in reality I gave them a half a grand just to return my car in worse condition because it never died like that while i was driving before let alone over 5 times just getting home. This is very unacceptable, if this had happened to me one night after this it would have risked my career and possibly lost me my job because my career does not tolerate people being late no matter what. I'm just waiting now for them to open in the morning to let them know they were very unsuccessful on fixing my car and will probably be the very last time I ever bring my car there after they fix their mistake. I walked 4.5 miles in this heat to pick up my car that wasn't even fixed. They tell me their reviews are very important to them? Well so is my vehicle & career to be risked over this so I decided to actually write this review in hopes that Middleton automotive is aware of what they put me through and to anyone else who may go there to beware of their services. The people there are nice don't get me wrong, but this is unacceptable I shouldn't have to bring my car back there again right after I just got it out just to walk another 4.5 miles in The heat IN HOPES that they actually fixed it this time. Honestly I've already made my decision to never have work on my car there again after they fix their mistake unless they have some type of miracle way of making up for what they put me through. Hope you guys get better because these are people's lives at matter here.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Impala
Service Date: 08/22/2016
Review Created: 08/24/2016 12:40 AM
EDWARD M. at Middleton Automotive Center responded on 08/25/2016

Hi T****, First I would like to say, is that our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority here at Middleton Automotive. This said, our day to day mission is to exceed our customer's expectations. As we strive to reach this goal everyday it is unacceptable for our customer's to experience what you did. We are in business to prevent these types of thing happening to our customer's. Hence why I immediately contacted you via telephone around 7:30 AM the morning of receiving the review. Like I told you soon as we got your vehicle towed in, it was our number one priority which it was. After diagnosing the vehicle we found that you had a defective alternator. Unfortunately, in your case you received a defective part, which happens, but far from often. We immediately took care of the issue as soon as possible and brought the vehicle to you. After experiencing what you did that night it was our pleasure to make the repair as convenient for you as possible. We are very appreciative that we were able to assist you with addition repairs at your request, but most importantly keeping you as a customer. Remember our day to day goal is to exceed our customer's satisfaction. If you ever have any questions or concerns or even need advice please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Sandra P. on 04/07/2015
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Sandra said that she was very upset with the service she got and she felt that she was being ripped off. She said that the prices for the services were changing with each person she talked to. Not only will she never go back to this business but she has told everyone about her experience so she would not recommend this business to anyone.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Malibu
Category: Service
Service Date: 03/27/2015
Review Created: 04/07/2015
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Alex S. on 07/14/2014
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"Not happy at all!!!"
Went there origionally because the van was running rough. Got it back and the power steering fluid was pouring out of the van. Took it back again. Get it back with in a week it won't start consistantly and runs rough (origional problem) . We got it back Thursday afternoon, less than 24 hours later the radiator cracks. From then on we decided not to do business with them again.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Chevy Express
Service Date: 06/18/2014
Review Created: 07/14/2014 08:33 AM
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