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Cedar City, UT
Pontiac G6
Verified Customer
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Lost my trust
I took my car in to get a simple oil change and to get my tires rotated. When I drove off I could tell something felt wrong with my car and I took right back in and they said maybe one of my tires was not in balance? It ended up being some lose lug nuts! The receptionist when I first dropped it back off said maybe you could just keep driving it and it will work it self out in the next few days. It's pretty scary when you take your car in there to get something done right and they can't even tighten the lug nuts right! What happened to using a torque wrench to make sure all the lig nuts are tightened to the proper torque? Sounds like they are cutting some major corners to make it easier and faster on them but in the end they made me lose all my faith in their company.
Chris S. from Midtown Tire & Auto responded on 07/20/2016

Service you can trust is what we strive to achieve everyday.....unfortunatey we failed in your case.  Thank you for coming back when you noticed the problem and allowing us to correct it.  We always want to be truthful and when we error take responsibility.  We have credited your account  with a free oil change and rotation if you're willing to give us an opportunity to serve you again.  Hopefully we can regain your trust.

Cedar City, UT
GMC Envoy
Verified Customer
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I went in to have one ball joint changed on a 2006 gmc envoy that I had previously gotten a estimate to have done.
When I went in to pay the bill was over a hundred dollars more than what I was previously quoted and looking on the internet I could not find a set of ball joints anywhere that cost 160.00. I was fine with the labor price and the timing of getting my work done, but the estimate I was given a week before was no where to be found, and I feel like I was over charged for the part

Cedar City, UT
Ford Expedition
Verified Customer
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Bad experience
We took our vehicle back 3 times to get the problem fixed. After having the same problem for the 4th time, and paying over $1200, we took our car someplace else. They said that there was a spark plug/socket that was not seated correctly which caused the problem. They showed us the evidence. We asked about taking it back to Midtown and they said, "I would. They didn't fix it and now you paid $200 to have us go in and take care of that. My husband went in, and they would not budge. The unfortunate thing, is I came there on a recommendation from a friend. The friend nor I will return, so you made $1200 off of me, but my lack of recommendation in the future, and subsequent word of mouth that I wouldn't go there, is going to cost you way more than the $200 credit you could have given us for the spark plug and coil that was not placed correctly. Just saying.

Cedar City, UT
Toyota 4Runner
Verified Customer
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Chris and cronies
Thanks for trustworthy diagnosis and work. Having a good mechanic is like having a reliable dentist.

Cedar City, UT
Subaru Forester
Verified Customer
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Very dissatisfied
According to the mechanic who fixed my oil level, you overfilled my oil by more than a full quart. even though you said it couldn't possibly be over by more than 1/4 quart. Then you hedged and changed the amount, saying it couldn't be more than 3/4 over. Excessively over full can absolutely harm the engine and this was excessive, being 1 and 1/4 quarts over. plus the oil filter was leaking and not tight. This is the second time in a row you have overfilled my oil. I also asked if you had any specials and was told no, when you had a current special on oil changes. With all your hedging and changing of numbers, I can tell you are not honest, and I will let everyone know about my terrible experience and your repeat problems and refusable to give me a refund.