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David R.
Camas, WA
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Only for old cars from what I see
I wish I could write a positive review but my truck came out of his shop in worse condition that it went in. Good news is that "I" and only I fixed it. He quoted my repair to be $1200 and that it would be 10 days to repair. It ended up being over 6 weeks and the problem was still not fixed. My truck lost power after I got it back and the gas mileage dropped by 2/3. I was getting 16 mpg. It came out of the shop getting 5 mpg. If you don't have time to spare and don't want to pay double the price, find another place. I got a bill of a little over $2200 in the end. This was before it even worked. I put in the coil packs correctly and solved the worst problem. I was getting misfires on #8. I opened it up and the coil was simply sitting there and not even connected to the spark plugs. I ended up doing a lot more work such as replacing the fuel filter, catalytic converters, TCS, fuel injectors, changing the oil, and put in steering fluid. Not all of this was included in his quote but some of it was and none of it was completed. I hope he changes his business strategies but I would get things in writing before you let him touch your vehicle. Make sure price, description of work, and a timeline is included. Put the clause in that all additional parts, that he will charge a pretty penny on, are at his cost if he doesn't run it by you. Overall, it would just be easier to find another shop. Don't lose your skin. I would be happy to change my review if you can make right what you messed up on. To those who want to work on an old car. Mike did have some pretty cool old cars in his shop and he seemed to have very happy clients with those I saw. Just stay away if your car in the mid 2000s.

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