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Joseph L.
West Covina, CA
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Unprofessional, Sloppy and Disappointing
As a car enthusiast, I do most repairs myself. Sometimes, when I'm limited on time, I will rely on a trustworthy shop I find via Yelp that is highly rated and convenient for me to visit. I've been around MINIs and have built and owned multiple MINIs in the last decade.

I've had one of my MINI serviced by Benjamin Parker (owner) at Cooper & Bimmer Experts multiple times. Every time I've come here, I gave Ben the benefit of the doubt every time when something wasn't done right.

The first time I came in here was due to some drivability issues. Ben informed me that I would need a new MAF sensor and the wiring harness was wicking oil (common N18 issue) and it would need the 'updated' wiring that would prevent the wicking issue from happening. What I didn't mention to him was that the car already had the latest revision of the "updated" wiring harness to stop the wicking put in by Universal City MINI. The PN that was on the invoice was identical to the PN installed a year earlier, Ben told me that the car didn't have the updated harness before bringing it to him and that I needed it. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that it went bad. I had him do all his recommended repairs. After the fix, a new issue came up, Ben informed me he had no idea what the trouble code could be. He believed the issue was in the software and that the DME needed updating. He kept the car over the entire weekend and informed me that he wasn't able to update it the following business week.

I had a friend who is a technician at the dealership take a look at it with ISTA (as a side note, Ben does not own a legitimate GT1/ISTA machine, he told me he runs a pirated version). He, informed me that all the modules were already the latest revision and the issue was the oil valve solenoid. I took it back to Ben and explained to him what I firmly believed the issue was. He informed me that he doubts that was the issue but he would do the repairs per my request. Surprisingly, after the new oil solenoid, the fault code went away. Shouldn't a shop be able to diagnose an issue due to their experience and not a customer telling the shop owner what the issue is?

The next day after the repair, my garage floor had oil drops on it (oil solenoid involves taking the oil pan off). I threw it on a lift and the entire oil pan was wet. I immediately took it back to Ben and they resealed the oil pan. The oil pan started leaking shortly after once again. I gave them two opportunities to seal an oil pan, it isn't that hard to seal an oil pan.

In between all of this, I had Ben perform various other services. He replaced my upper and lower engine mounts and transmission mounts as well. He assured me many times on earlier services that I did not need these mounts. Low and behold, all my old mounts had cracks in them when he returned them to me. Once again, shouldn't a shop owner be able to diagnose these issues? I provided Ben with all new hardware to use with the mounts, I found out later, there were missing hardware and/or they reused some of the old hardware and majority of the bolts were not even torqued to spec or improperly installed.

On the same visit I did the mounts, I requested to have the walnut blast service done. I dropped it off in the morning and informed the car would be ready to 5pm. I get a call at 4pm basically letting me know that he didn't know my car was an N18 and they've never walnut blasted an N18 before and he doesn't believe I needed it done...I specifically asked him if they ever walnut blasted an N18 that same morning and he said yes we have. Once again, I had another shop do the walnut blast service and it runs phenomenal now.

There are also many other small issues that I've overlooked. Ben has damaged both of my JCW aero side skirts by improperly lifting the vehicle and having his lift and taking plastic pieces off the bottom of the side skirts. I was always curious why they looked worse and worse every time I went there and on one visit I noticed how they lifted the car. When I brought this up to his attention, he just said he'll have a word with his technician, no apology, nothing.

To date, I've had to personally had to repair all the issues he's created, either myself or by another trusted shop. Everything they have installed I had to double-check and I'm glad I did. It's irritating finding missing hardware or even improperly installed/loose hardware on things they've installed.

I don't enjoy giving these low reviews for shops, but I think after giving them multiple tries I'm done. Every time Ben has just told me that it's because his technicians are new and learning. Their work at the end of the day is sloppy and embarrassing and they do not seem experienced with a lot of small details. It's unfortunate how a shop with such high ratings can put out work like this. I am confident if you take a car they've repaired somewhere else, you will find issues with their work .

Raj K.
La Puente, CA
MINI Cooper Hardtop
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11/02/2017 Category: Service
Raj said that he brought in his vehicle in with one problem and it came out with another. His vehicle is now dead and he stated he feels the business should take responsibility.
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