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Michael R.
Houston, TX
Chevrolet Caprice
Verified Customer
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07/13/2017 Category: Service
Michael said he had his vehicle towed to their facility on Monday and he didn't hear from them until Friday. They had his vehicle for 10 days for a fuel problem. He heard from them once during the time his vehicle was there. He would not recommend them because the communication was horrible and they couldn't keep their word.
John H. from Mobile Tune Up and Repair responded on 07/30/2017

Michael, we do apologize for any misunderstandings you may have experienced with Mobile Tune Up. Please know it is our goal to make sure our customers are back in their vehicles as soon as possible and that they are satisfied.  

Please note that our records do reflect the following ( There were only 3 FULL work days ; the rest of the days contain either pending customer approval or non business hours for Mobile Tune Up.)

Monday July 3rd - Your vehicle was delivered at our shop via your towing truck choice not affiliated with our facility. After a visual inspection we were required to speak with you in reference to what we found. We called the phone number you provided us with ,we were unable to speak with you, we had no option but to leave a voicemail.

Tuesday July 4th - Mobile Tune Up was closed.

Wednesday July 5th - You called Mobile Tune Up to inquire about your vehicle, we informed you of the voicemail left on July 3rd , you proceeded to inform us that you had not checked your voicemail. You then provided us with a verbal approval to further diagnose your vehicle by inspecting the fuel system.

Wednesday July 5th - We called you back to inform you that after further diagnostics, we found melted wiring on the sending unit pigtail. We were unsuccessful at speaking with you , we then left a voicemail. 

Thursday July6th - You called back and informed us that the issue we found on July 5th was a previous part you had installed on your own and were going to inquire if what you had purchased would still be under warranty. 

Friday July 7th - You called back and instructed us to replace the issue found on July 5th with our supplied parts.

Monday July 10th - Vehicle repairs were being completed throughout the day. 

Tuesday July 11th - We called to inform you that your vehicle was ready to be picked up. 

We do wish you the best!