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Review for Murray’s CARSTAR Collision
Mark S. on 07/30/2011
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Mark said he was not satisfied with the quality of the repair because his trunk was not on straight, and the right side of the rear bumper was not on completely. Also, his alarm switch on the left side of the vehicle was disconnected, one of his windshield wipers fell off, and his glove box fell when he opened it. He was not sure why those issues occurred when the repairs were in the rear of the vehicle. After the repair, he heard noises from his vehicle that were not there before. They did not offer to fix it. His vehicle was ready two weeks later than promised because the repairs were not done right the first time. He was not kept adequately informed during the repair process because he had to keep calling. They should follow up with customers after the repair as a courtesy. He chose not to elaborate on if he was satisfied with the thoroughness of the person who prepared his estimate because his wife dealt with it. He was not satisfied with the way he was treated by the personnel because when he was waiting to be helped they didn't even let him know they would be right with him, they just let him stand there. He was not satisfied with this business’ communication because they made him feel not wanted and did not put effort into satisfying their customers. He would not recommend this business for the reasons mentioned. He stated he does not even feel welcome enough to return and have them fix their mistakes. This business needs to improve their customer service. He mentioned they seem like they don't even care about their customers, and should not be working customer service if they’re going to be moody and not care about the type of environment they are creating. He also mentioned they tried to put used parts on his vehicle when it is a new vehicle. He appreciated this business’ follow-up phone call.
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Service Date: 07/05/2011
Review Created: 07/30/2011
Davin B. at Murray’s CARSTAR Collision responded on 08/15/2011
We are puzzled by Marks review and have attempted to contact him to discuss this situation with him. The repairs performed to his vehicle were to the rear only and the insurance company wrote the original estimate and explained the purpose of finding used parts on model year 2000 vehicle. In the end a used part was not located and a new part was installed on the vehicle. Mark did have to come back for us to correct a gap issue on the rear gate which we gladly did. He also had a couple other repair places tell him his motor mounts were broken, we inspected them and showed him they were not broken or damaged in any way, he said he also heard a noise which we diagnosed for him (free on charge)and he agreed it was in the right front brake. We were unable at that current time to precisely pinpoint what component of the brake was making noise but did schedule him for the following Monday to come in and we would pinpoint the issue free of charge, the next day we saw that Monday was not going to work so we rescheduled him for Tuesday and he agreed to that Mark in the end he never showed. Mark had only owned the vehicle for a short time prior to us repairing his vehicle and more than likely did not know of all the quirks his vehicle had. We in no way tampered with or broke any of the items he states in his review; again the repairs were only on the rear of the vehicle. Mark also states he was not kept informed of the progress of the repairs; he would either call us or stop by every other day as well as his vehicle being on autowatch where he could see photos posted on a regular basis of the repairs being performed to his vehicle. As to Mark not feeling welcome or that we were rude to him in any way, we sincerely apologize, it is never our intent to make our guests feel unwelcome, we do not recall any instance when this occurred but none the less we do not want our guests to feel this way. Mark also stated his vehicle took longer to be completed because the repairs were not done right the first time. We do not know where there accusations are coming from, the amount of time it took to repair the vehicle was adequate to the extent of the damage and the repairs were performed correctly the first time. Mark was very appreciative when he picked up his vehicle and thanked us many times which makes his review so puzzling to us. We hope Mark will return our call us to discuss his review.