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Alex T.
Lincoln, NE
Honda Pilot
Verified Customer
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My car was not fixed and a defective part was installed
I took my 2009 Honda Pilot to your shop about a month ago, and originally you thought it was my catalytic converter. I was charged a little over $1991.00 for that fix along with a new water pump, oil change, erc. Well, the night I picked it up, all the engine lights came back on and I also noticed the front bumper of my vehicle, on the driver's side, was not completely attached, and there was damage to the underside. I pointed that out when I returned my vehicle, and he admitted they had to take that part of my vehicle off to get to the engine so they would fix it.

I got a call after looking at it a second time where he said it was still misfiring and he thinks there was a problem with the Pistons. I was charged for all of this work and a supposed new oil change, but he thought it may need to be taken to Williamson bc he couldn't figure it out. He even told my husband that he upgraded our GPS for free and put in new spark plugs for free, but when I picked up my vehicle from you guys and took it to Williamson, it started smoking so badly that I stopped it and had it towed the rest of the way.

Williamson said it had metal shavings in the oil, which I thought was weird since you all charged me for the oil change. They also said I would need a new engine. Not sure how I ended up at that point, but I had no choice but to fix it. They also verified that my GPS was NOT in fact upgraded, but that was the least of my problems. When I told them about all the work you guys did, they said the oil definitely needed to be changed and that the air intake hose needed to be replaced as the air filter housing to throttle body tube was cracked/broken and the oil was definitely not changed, but with all that damage, I would most likely need a new engine.

I decided to get a third opinion and took it to George With auto bc they specialize in Honda's as well and won't cost me as much as Williamson. They confirmed everything Williamson said and said I could get a used engine to replace mine and they would save me some money bc the new water pump and serpentine belt that you all put in it could cut some of the costs. When they put the replacement engine in the vehicle and used the water pump you all charged me for, they noted it was defective. Also, that damage to my driver's side bumper happened to kill the headlight on that side.

Therefore, you charged me for a new oil change that Williamson said never happened, a new headlight to replace the damaged one and a defective water pump (I have documentation on all three). You did replace my catalytic converter, but after sinking $6,000 more into my vehicle and another $1200 in car rentals, I am now told the wrong catalytic converter was fixed and it should've been the rear one. I don't feel it was fair to be charged for a defective water pump, the headlight that worked fine when I brought it to you, an oil change that didn't happen, or the labor charge. I don't even care about the "free" GPS update, but to be charged $1991.00 to have to a vehicle in worse condition was not what I was expecting. Oh, and I wasn't aware you had a free shuttle service back to work since that was never offered...just noticed that on your site:(

Shelly W.
Cadillac Eldorado
Verified Customer
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12/05/2017 Category: Service
Shelly said she is not happy about the fact that her vehicle is not running.

Sarah J.
Lincoln, NE
Kia Sportage
Verified Customer
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Never to return
Had my car for 19 days total. Had to order parts and waited 10 days with no update until I called to ask. Feel I was overcharged for labor. Then when I did get my car, it leaked fluid all over my drive and the thermostat still ran hot. If any thing else needs done I will go to our family mechanic from now on. When I questioned the labor price, an employee popped the hood on another car to explain all the things that needed to be done to mine and that it takes a lot of time to do. Why didn't he show me on my car? Then when the employee came to pick me up in my car, he sped down 40th st and almost rear ended the car in front twice. Needless to say it was a very long and frustrating ordeal. Would give no stars. Lesson learned here.

James B.
Lincoln, NE
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Customer Service
I called to make an appointment and the guy said we are so full I don't know if we can get to you're car today. I then said forget the and the manger had very rude towards me. I will never go to Norms again. Very bad customer Service!!!
Dennis S. from Norm's Car Care responded on 11/21/2014


I think our issues this morning were a result of confusion and miscommunication.  You did have an appointment today, and after we test drove your car, I thought you were leaving it until 2:00pm (as you stated you needed it by then) so that we could further diagnose your transmission.  You made a phone call to get a ride, and were talking on the phone and to me at the same time. I wasn't sure what was going on until you asked for your keys back and said you were leaving upset.  I tried to call you but got no answer.  Give me a call.  We'll make it right.