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Review for North Bay Imports
MIKE / ADAM C. on 05/21/2012
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"the tale of the defroster motor"
it was a gorgeous morning & I had an appointment to have my A4 repaired an annoying tick that was like finger nails on a chalk board As I parked my car to walk in I saw Justin working his ass off in the repair bay I wandered through the front door & was greeted with a Good Morning from Mark as I walked past him I saw the smiling face of Chris and I knew my problems would be solved As I dropped off the keys I got a very friendly call you when the work is done And as usual the call came a couple hours later and YES the ticking was gone My car was fixed to perfection & it was a great day
Vehicle: Audi A4
Service Date: 05/21/2012
Review Created: 05/21/2012 07:17 PM