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Kelly R.
Lincoln University, PA
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I made my annual appointment for emission/inspection at Nottingham Motors. I arrived at my scheduled time and date to drop off my vehicle and was told that the mechanic had called out sick, so the car could not be serviced that day. I had to reschedule my service for 2 days later -- I would have appreciated a call so that I didn't waste time and fuel driving all the way to Nottingham. The following day, my husband brought his vehicle for inspection. When I arrived to pay for the service, the mechanic had lost my husband's insurance card and registration. 30 mins later, after searching, the mechanic finally found the paperwork. I returned the following day for my car's inspection. I waited for the vehicle and it was determined that I needed 2 new front tires. I could not leave my vehicle in the shop, so the shop agreed to order the tires and they could place the tires on the vehicle "first thing tomorrow morning." I brought my car back the next morning at 9:15am and reminded the manager that I needed to have my car done as soon as possible. He assured me that the tires would be done "right away." I called the shop at 10:30am and was told that "the mechanic is working on it right now." I told the manager that I needed the car as soon as possible be/c I had 3 children I needed to pick up from camp at noon. The manager assured me the car was being work on and should be done soon. I called the shop again at 11am. The manager told me the car was being "just being worked on now." I reminded the manager that I'd been told 30 min prior that my car was being worked on. He told me that NOW the car is being worked on. I called again at 11:20 and was told, "the mechanic is working on the car now." I reminded the manager that I desperately needed my vehicle as soon as possible be/c I HAD TO pick up my children from camp - a 30 min drive from Nottingham Motors - by noon. I asked how long it took to put 2 tires on a vehicle. I was told, Oh, it can take quite a long time." I informed the manager that in my 25 yrs of owning vehicles, it has never taken all morning long to put 2 tires on a vehicle. When I finally picked up my vehicle at 11:45, the manager did not apologize for the service delay and did not mention any inconvenience to me at all.

My husband and I will never again give business to Nottingham Motors. I have told my friends and relatives to avoid the establishment due to their unreliable practices.

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