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kevin c.
Bend, OR
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Not trustworthy, disorganized, sloppy work. over charging, doesn't seem to know how to fix problem, just keeps replacing different things.
Dishonest. brought car in with engine light on, get quote to replace turbo ($791). That doesn't fix it. Another month to reschedule, then replace hose for more($126.) That doesn't fix it. another month to clean sensor, that doesn't fix it. another month to replace sensors and turbo boost. ($166), engine light still on. another 2 months to replace turbo again (says warranty), STILL not fixed. Each Appointment takes about a month to schedule, but then he still keeps car for 2-5 days until he can get around it. Complains to ME about all the work he's done, but won't accept responsibility for the fact that the original problem still exists. Started out very nice, but after repeated failures he would take longer and longer to do repairs, and most times didn't even test drive it. After replacing Turbo the second time said 'he didn't have enough time to test drive, because he wanted to go home". He had the car for 3 days. Engine light was still on after 10 miles.
If he takes over a month to schedule an appointment, he shouldn't need to keep the car for 3 days to fix it.
If he offers an estimate to fix the car and have engine warning light go off, he should actually back up his work.

Jeff S.
Bend, OR
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Par is a joke
John is a OK mechanic but not very trust worthy. I am local in Sunriver and have seen first hand the dishonesty, and manipulation. He will tell you what you want to here but seldom follows through with his word. I give a big thumbs down!