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DAVID G. on 01/12/2017
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"Safety inspection, brake job and a mistaken smog check"
I brought my 2005 Lazy Daze motorhome in for a safety inspection and 75,000 mile service. I showed George my maintenance book so he could see the items to be done and he made a photocopy. I had a post-it note stuck to the page that said smog check on it attached to the 70,000 mile list just above the 75,000 list on the page. It was there to remind me when I had it done last, but George thought it meant to do it. I never asked him for that service and in fact was told by Gabe last year that PTR didn't even do smog checks for gas engines. So George sent it out to be done for $137.00. If I had needed a smog check, I could have gotten it done for around $90. I see how the mistake was made and think it was both our faults, but George would not negotiate on the price at all. I wouldn't mind paying for it if the certificate would still be good in October when I will need another inspection, but I doubt that it will sill be good. Not happy about that.

George told me the safety inspection revealed I needed new front brakes. I ok'd that repair, but also mentioned that my other rear brake seal was showing signs of beginning to leak. I told him earlier about the last time I was in to replace the driver side brake seal, so I thought he was talking about the passenger side. He said it didn't need replacing now, but needed to be watched. When I arrived to pick up the rig, I saw on the bill that the DRIVER side brake seal was the one showing signs of leaking. This is the one PTR repaired just 5 months and 2,000 miles ago. This makes me a bit worried about the longevity of this seal and where I might be when it does fail, especially since according to the bill, warranty work has to be performed at PTR. It will have to be watched. It seems to me that if it is showing signs of leaking, that's the same as saying it is beginning to fail. I am glad to see it noted on my bill. I asked George about the guarantee on the original repair and didn't really get a clear answer, but reading the bill it looks like 1 year of 12,000 miles.

Overall I like PTR and want to keep coming back, but I did have problems this time around.
Vehicle: Ford E450 Super Duty
Service Date: 01/11/2017
Review Created: 01/12/2017 12:03 PM
LARRY P. on 06/09/2016
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"I felt caught in the middle between my insurance company's quote and the high charge that you made me pay in order to release my truck. If the insurance company is definitely going to pay why don't you take the risk and give me the truck."
You were professional, efficient, thorough and I loved the finished product.
Vehicle: Chevrolet RV Cutaway
Service Date: 06/07/2016
Review Created: 06/09/2016 03:27 PM
Gabriel S., Gm at Peninsula Truck Repair Inc responded on 06/09/2016

Dear Larry,
We had no problem waitting for your insurance company to pay us, accept your insurance company notified us they will be paying you directly.  Work was pre outhorized for the dollar amount you paid to us so you will be getting the same amount from your insurance company.  Thank you for your review.
If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gabriel Sava

Dave L. on 05/14/2016
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Dave said his vehicle's transmission broke down and this business wanted to replace it. He opted out of the transmission replacement, but in the end he had to pay them $300 for no work to be done.
Vehicle: Ford Econoline
Category: Service
Service Date: 05/10/2016
Review Created: 05/14/2016
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Gabriel S., Gm at Peninsula Truck Repair Inc responded on 05/17/2016

Dear Mr.  Lehrberg,
As you know you had your van towed to our sho.  Up on receiving the van we assigned a technician to diagnose your transmission issue.  Technician found transmission would not shift in to forward gears only reverse gear was working. Transmission fluid was low by five quarts.  Technician added five quarts of tranmission fluid still no forward gears.  Hooked unit up to diagnostic computer, pulled the following active codes P0107  P0500 P1744.  After investigating the active codes we presented our recommendation to you to replace the  transmission with an OEM transmission.  Here is the breakedown of the charges ATF Fluid $ 45.00  Computer diagnostic test using Ford Motor Company diagnostic procedure $ 217.50  California State sales tax $ 4.05  Total paid $ 266.55  Thank you.

Gabriel Sava

CREST V. on 10/10/2014
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"2013 Toyota Tacoma"
First service and time frame of return was kept. You were late picking up the unit. I had to call to see if it was going to be picked up or not.
Vehicle: Toyota Tacoma
Service Date: 10/09/2014
Review Created: 10/10/2014 10:15 AM
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