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J. M.
West New York, NJ
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Caveat:. Racists!!!
Lousy customer service!

Rad D.
Cliffside Park, NJ
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This is not a quality place.
I would not recommend this place.
A few months ago I took to Robbins & Franke my classic 87 Mercedes 560sl for left and right tie rod replacement. Next day they called me saying that my car is ready. When I picked it up the steering was extremely off alignment, I had to hold my steering wheel on 35 degree angle in order to drive straight. Went back right away but they claimed that my chassis is bent and they can not do anything about it. For the matter of fact I am the second owner of the car and I bought it from my best friend and I knew that the car was never involved into any accident. And also the car was driving straight before. So I decided to take it to Bergen Imports (another local mechanic shop in the same neighborhood). Begr called me later that day saying that my tie rods was mounted wrong. So had to pay another shop to fix what they have messed up.
Called Robbins & Franke and they promised me a refund on alignment next time I come to them.

So today I went back to Robbins & Franke for tire replacement on my 2011 Mercedes c300 they also performed front wheel alignment but they claimed that they do not remember that they perform anything wrong on my 560sl so they refused to give me a refund and charged me a full price.
On a top of that today's work was performed by some young curly hair guy (looked like an internship person) who did not know how to properly mount the tires on the wheels. He scratched my left rim with his tools when was trying to take the tire off, and on the top of that when he lifted my car up the plastic from the bottom of the car cracked. 

Please be aware of this guys. This is not a quality place. At first they looked nice and welcoming but they are very dishonest and with very poor knowledge. 
I taught that they might be ok to perform flat tire job or tire replacement but they will never see me again.

DON a.k.a CHIPS I.
Edgewater, NJ
Hyundai Accent
Verified Customer
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it's close to 7-11
not enough tire sales---to many coffey breaks---Colorado goes away to many times-joe's lunch break is to long---Bob never smiles--